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I'm intrigued to find out how individual channels will be priced. It might even be a new source of income for some people: channels like QVC would have to pay ME to subscribe!
Very succinct. I might add that although typical mom and pop Apple investors might be "up" right now, they are not "his partners."
Lots of people here know how many days/months/years since product Y update, but my money's on something the average joe would recognize as "way too long."   Something like this: It's been way too long since iPhones, iPads and MacBooks got retina displays, now the rest of the Apple screens are retina too.
Even if you don't want to accept credit cards, there are better services than paypal. Square does cash too: Square.com/cash .
Apple should display the min, average, and maximum cost of every app that has in-app purchases when the user presses download. Also, if the user is downloading a game, Apple should display a second table showing the per hour opportunity costs of playing the game. /s
The correct response is immediately below these words.
      Retractable bollards.
 http://www.politico.com/story/2013/07/apple-finds-dc-is-tough-without-friends-94948.html “Everybody gets a shot at being a fair-haired boy and that can keep the regulators away for a while. But nobody stays favored forever. That’s why you need friends.” 
Thank you. Only reason I clicked on this article is to post the same thing. If you must have it, get a used copy.
Like anyone needs a reason to post on the internets. Pshaw! 
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