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Great story. Too bad it didn't come up sooner; I'm afraid most people gave up on this thread. 
Or possibly self-flagellation. 
So true. I'm just reading the comments for a laugh.
Forget all the hand waving and references to "what's supposed to happen" -- when debit card fraud / theft occurs, duplication's experience is how this commonly plays out. Who's your advocate when debit card fraud occurs? YOU.
Perfect. "Get it on."
 Wish they could revive the show and put Dekkers on there. Hilarity !!!
 Nice! Also, because "Challenging the status quo" !
These look suspiciously like weasel words to me. Davidson has stated that partners can leave MCX anytime they wish, that there are no fines for using competing mobile payments. Now he states that "in the future," CurrentC and Apple Pay could be "side-by-side". Any of the following things could be true, and wouldn't contradict what Davidson said. 1. Merchants currently under MCX contract can choose fines or dissolving their MCX ties.2. The "fine" is that merchants don't get...
Unfortunately, it won't be the last time execs are blinded by the Walmart brand. (Or maybe Walmart spikes the water when they meet with other execs!)
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