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Dare to dream! Seriously though, it would've been a good day to drop the $30. I'd bet lots more people are considering a cellular iPad -- especially those whose usage matches up nicely with the 200MB Free plan that T-Mobile announced. Would the psychological difference between $499 and $529 (16gm mini) increase Apple's total profit? I'm sure Apple has studied it, but like you said, I still wish they'd drop that extra $30.
If you intend to use the retina display to read books, the new iPads are still 66 - 132% heavier than a Kindle paperwhite. I welcome any and all weight reductions. I've passed the threshold of needing more megapixels. I'm not saying Apple should stop improving the sensors, just that shoving in more megapixels won't accomplish that. PaulMJohnson gets it. My thoughts exactly.
 Love it!
 I just set up my AppleTV using this, it worked quite well. In the room at the same time: an iPad and another iPhone besides my own. Should the AppleTV present  itself to all 3 devices at once? Now that would be like Samsung.
... which is what I am, let's face it.
What's a stand alone car charger? An adapter that comes with a cable?
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One of the biggest in the shed.
  You make a good point about small savings adding up. It occurs to me that longer standby time equals fewer charge cycles, extending the usable lifetime of the batteries.   I actually don't mind the soldered RAM (too much), but the glued in batteries? I'd like to hear the real story behind that decision.
new forum tools seem flakey.
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