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 Love it!
 I just set up my AppleTV using this, it worked quite well. In the room at the same time: an iPad and another iPhone besides my own. Should the AppleTV present  itself to all 3 devices at once? Now that would be like Samsung.
... which is what I am, let's face it.
What's a stand alone car charger? An adapter that comes with a cable?
Gizmodos Training Manual   Do Not Use         Avoid             Use Stole                  Bought           Found                                                Acquired
One of the biggest in the shed.
  You make a good point about small savings adding up. It occurs to me that longer standby time equals fewer charge cycles, extending the usable lifetime of the batteries.   I actually don't mind the soldered RAM (too much), but the glued in batteries? I'd like to hear the real story behind that decision.
new forum tools seem flakey.
  No, you can bet GP will take credit for this "victory". Because it wouldn't have happened without them.
Every time someone installs Eclipse, a kitten dies.
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