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You're obviously not getting it. There's no need for Apple to change anything since people already have one or more ways of preventing it. (Am I right or am I right? Agree with me, and we'll just forget all that nonsense you posted earlier? )
You're not doing it right. "Bobby, every time you tap the screen, an invisible vacuum sucks money from my wallet." Your final sentence summarizes exactly what Apple can do to improve iOS. (Others on this thread should not interpret this statement as "parents don't have any responsibility.")
As many have already said, iOS doesn't handle this well. Let me spell it out for you:1. Child asks for app2. Parent enters password and download app (maybe even pokes around in the app)4. Parent hands device to child5. No additional password required for in-app purchase for 15 minutesDoes every parent understand that the child can make in-app purchases without entering a password? Many here do, I doubt the average person does.
Even if they never say it, that's exactly the feeling the convey. If the talk about european publishers and iPad subscriptions is true, they pretty much have the same mindset. "Without our content, iPad is nothing." Unfortunately for the content heads, a multi-purpose computing device doesn't serve only their ends.
Interestingly, even the latest MBA represents "Macintosh HD" with the OS X hard drive icon. On the Air, the icon outlived the device. (That realistic icon has always seemed a little strange, since non-geeks wouldn't know or care what a hard drive looks like. Floppy / CD / DVD icons make sense, since the user actually handles them.)
Right on. Can we get the mods in here please?
This "tool" knows where the byline is. Is asking for byline initials after the headline too hard for A.I?
I wish AI would list the author next to each headline.
I suppose sales could keep going, if the people who pick one up this month like them enough to tell others about them. The fact that Apple is even releasing numbers is positive. I don't think I ever saw numbers on the ATV v1. And as Jobs has said "sell a lot of something, you want to tell everybody."
What's wrong with you?
New Posts  All Forums: