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new forum tools seem flakey.
  No, you can bet GP will take credit for this "victory". Because it wouldn't have happened without them.
Every time someone installs Eclipse, a kitten dies.
It could be the pessimist in me, but I wouldn't be surprised by that outcome. My company's experience in China wasn't even close to what leadership thought it would be. Still, I can see Apple prevailing, on merit or name. Ironic that Proview's most successful "product" could turn out to be their copycat name, a fun pastime practiced by lower-tier Chinese companies. Now, where did I put my MP5 player... Ah, here it is! Right next to my Vii remote. Anyone care to join me...
Your posts made this thread worth reading, (I won't comment about how often that happens here Thanks for the time you took to let us see your viewpoint, your clarity and lack of bluster are refreshing. One side-note you brought up really got my attention.... Nailed it.
I nominate this as "Best Post of 2011."
And the little lights aren't twinkling.
Thanks for the story. It always amazes me when someone relates a story on a forum, and just tells the facts. Seriously. Welcome, and good luck!
True, many of his comments support your statement. If there's one thing that every Hollywood exec knows about Apple, it's that "They killed the music industry.... but they won't kill us".
This. Reading the original story includes this gem: "Coakley said her office was pursuing a "common sense" approach to enforcement and notification."Martha, don't let your office have all the fun! How 'bout you pursue some of that "common sense" for yourself?
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