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Interestingly, even the latest MBA represents "Macintosh HD" with the OS X hard drive icon. On the Air, the icon outlived the device. (That realistic icon has always seemed a little strange, since non-geeks wouldn't know or care what a hard drive looks like. Floppy / CD / DVD icons make sense, since the user actually handles them.)
Right on. Can we get the mods in here please?
This "tool" knows where the byline is. Is asking for byline initials after the headline too hard for A.I?
I wish AI would list the author next to each headline.
I suppose sales could keep going, if the people who pick one up this month like them enough to tell others about them. The fact that Apple is even releasing numbers is positive. I don't think I ever saw numbers on the ATV v1. And as Jobs has said "sell a lot of something, you want to tell everybody."
What's wrong with you?
Maybe someone from that area of Texas could comment, but nothing I've read points to "high-tech". Relatively small town, with a former patent-layer judge appointed in 1999. His methods, while unusual, seem to produce the results he believes in. It's an interesting microcosm.
I am the walrus.
People don't care about high quality all the time. They just want their purchased media to play wherever they're used to consuming it. Today it plays on a 60" screen. Tomorrow it plays on a laptop.
Thanks. From now on, I'll believe everything I read on internets.
New Posts  All Forums: