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I'm with you. There are lots of avenues to get recorded content, but only a couple solutions for streaming live events (e.g. mlb.com). Unfortunate then, that I see Apple simply trying to correct the mistakes they made in the first go-round. That's going to be hard enough already, without adding live events to the mix.I'd love to be wrong, but I don't read it in this rumor.
We have #1 and #2, what's #3?
Yes, combined with another silly AI headline.
# 29.
From the tech specs page:"Mini DisplayPort connector with audio support"
Agreed, but the 24" will be gone when supplies run out. From the link above "Apple is discontinuing both the 24-inch LED Cinema Display as well as the older 30-inch Apple Cinema HD Displays they had been selling. When asked why, an Apple representative said this new 27-inch version was seen as 'ideal for the uses we see most people having.'"
I appreciate your sacrifice and thanks for posting back -hh, even if it was a bust. Hmm, if anything like your last comment happened, now that would be news!
Got a laugh from me, thanks.Thanks for that, it sounds as though it may be a difficult job. (BTW, I assume you'll post to this thread? If not, I suppose I can search for your recent posts.)
I'll mark that on my calendar then.
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