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"Wi-Fi"...? Not "AirPort"...? Is Apple giving up on some of their branding?
THERE we go, that's what I wanted to know. Okay, I'm good with it Apple. Send it to press.
Okay, so I guess the question that I see everyone dancing around but not coming out and asking (apologies if I missed it) is: When you Duplicate a file, is it a complete copy, with all the Versions still attached, or is it just the current Version of the file? If Duplicate makes a copy with all Versions still attached, then I declare the need for a "Finalize Document" option that creates a final copy of only the current Version, suitable for passing on to the folks...
Most business-oriented laptops call this concept a docking station.
Folks, this is likely Apple's answer to what Microsoft is doing. Check out the new Vail Home Server OS pre-release and Live Mesh. One of my friends at work has been playing with the new Home Server OS to see what it offers versus what he has set up at home. Using Live Mesh, he's able to watch any movie, view any picture, and listen to any MP3 that's on his home server from his office at work, or anywhere he gets an Internet connection.
And yet there's series that have whole season-spanning arcs that don't become apparent until midway through, which make much better sense when watched as the whole story they are. "Episodic" TV is giving way to longer stories. There's shows I thought were just ok when watched weekly but once I sat down and watched the boxed set of DVDs I thought they were fantastic.
I'd agree with that, except that after doing a hard reset (hold Power and Home for a few seconds PAST when you get the slider to power down the phone) has sped mine back up again, at least to my perception. Still getting the odd app crash when something misbehaves to the new rules, but I'm not trading the advancements in Mail and Folders away for nothin'.
Not too keen on the price per episode for a rental. I'm not big on rentals, I'd rather own as I'll go back and watch favorites over and over. My problem now is hard drive space. Here's a better idea, if we're gonna do streaming. $10-$15 for a season pass, and you can watch it as many times as you like once it's authorized to your account, but it's streamed instead of downloaded. Same rules for number of PCs, iPods, iPhones, etc - no reason why you couldn't watch it on...
The whole thing about this that concerns me is... wasn't the one that got lost/left behind/stolen in the bar in a camouflage case that made it look like a 3G? Did Apple do much testing on a "bare" iPhone 4...? One would assume they must have, but you know what they say about the word "ASSUME" - making an ASS out of U and ME.
My wife used to be able to light a small florescent tube (from a camping lantern) by holding both ends in her hands - she may still, hasn't tried it lately. She made a laser printer spit out solid black pages by standing next to it. She's had an iPhone for almost a year and it's survived the experience, so it'll be interesting to see what happens when we upgrade to iPhone 4's when eligibility comes around...
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