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I wasn't even referring to the PowerPC Macs... I wish it would work even on the 1st generation Intel Macs. But, sadly it doesn't.
so wait... iCloud works on Windows, but not on Snow Leopard?
... because he looks like he's in really bad shape. http://www.tmz.com/2011/08/26/steve-...ation-ceo-sick I wish him the very best, and if this photo is real I'm sad to see him this way.
since when is 4G only a solid 5-12 Mbps?
shouldn't the title be iPhoto '11 and not iPhone '11?
I have one of the iPhone 4s with antenna issues as well. But, how do you explain 5 total iPhones, in the exact same location, with 3 of them exhibiting the antenna issue problem, while the others seem to work fine and we can't reproduce the problem in those?
I have recently created a website that hopefully tracks common issues between a variety of iPhone users. Submissions can be completely anonymous, if you prefer. http://www.iphonebugtracker.com I'm hoping that once enough information has been added to the database, that we can mine certain characteristics and see if this iPhone 4 reception issues are in fact widespread, or caused by builds during certain weeks by Apple, or from specific factories, etc.
I just bought the 32gb iPhone 4, and haven't noticed any of these problems (yellow discoloration on the screen) or the rampant antenna problem other are having. Guess I should consider myself lucky for now.
Easy... scientific computing. We have an AMD 48-core workstation in the lab that we use all the time (eight 6-core processors). Personally, I think Intel is lagging behind AMD with the multiple-core processors... the Istanbul Opterons ROCK!
What about for cameras that require CF cards? \
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