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Jobs said at All Things Digital that he "considers Apple a software company."
you're right. who would write a blog post based on opinion? what an idiot...
easy there, its just a hypothetical...
http://www.thoughtsontech.com/2007/1...d-osx-for.html interesting read...
http://www.blogyoulikeahurricane.com...ease-stop.html What do you guys think? I think a lot of AI visitors are also diggers.
oooh! i'll pay $500!
i know, i cant even afford the god damn phone and people a re dropping hundreds on the fucking packaging
http://www.blogyoulikeahurricane.com...launch-on.html "I walked past the Apple Store on Michigan after work yesterday and happened to have a camera on me (yeah, i know). The iPhone crowd was large but peaceful, the was line long, the police were there. There were news helicopters overhead and reporters interviewing people as they came out of the store to cheers from the crowd. I only stood around for about ten minutes, but it was really nice."
http://www.blogyoulikeahurricane.com...re-really.html I'm starting to see these pop up everywhere, haha.
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