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Yeah, yeah, yeah. And all the while, AAPL has been an underperformed for the last several months. What gives with the stock? It should be at $400/share right now, especially in light of all the good financial news we've been hearing, and the good news out of WWDC. It makes no sense whatsoever.
For religious and health reasons, I don't drink any alcoholic beverages, nor do I do drugs (not even tobacco), nor do I condone those substances for use by others. And I certainly do not condone drunk driving. Even so, I think caving in to Congress on this is ludicrous, especially in light of the plain logic before us. If a so-called "drunk" is sober enough to use an iPhone app to navigate around a checkpoint, he's sober enough to drive safely. The usage of the app...
Forget the iPhone, where's a decent camera for the iPad? The current version stinks so bad it makes a skunk smell sweet.
Exactly. Steve has bested them both.
AppleInsider, perhaps it's now time for you to hire "native English speakers"? Enough is enough with the misspellings and bad grammar!
In the greater scheme of things, this so-called tracking issue really doesn't matter. Apple made a big boo-boo and that iOS4 bug will be fixed in the next iOS update. Even Steve Jobs himself has chimed in to basically say so: http://www.cultofmac.com/steve-jobs-...acks-you/91995 But for anyone who really knows Apple and Jobs, you already knew this to be so. Again, it's a non-issue. The media is just hyping it up because they get more money from sensationalism. And...
Who in the world is "Ashai Glass"? Can anyone provide a website for a Japanese glass-maker under that name? I think not. The proper spelling of the Japanese glass maker is in fact Asahi Glass, whose English website is found here:http://www.agc.com/english/index.html
But you really do need to be a user of ATOK to more fully understand why Apple is not doing "the best job possible" on its own. Any native Japanese who has used the built-in Japanese input methods of OS X or Windows will be able to tell you the failings and limitations of those input methods (yes, I work with native Japanese, and they tell me, and I experience the failings in my own work too), and a good number of those failings are addressed in ATOK. But such makes...
Forgive me if I have misread your statement, but in terms of natural reading your use of the word "actually" implies that my prior post said otherwise. Not so. I was merely saying that because the English text used in the example given in this article speaks of "horizontal text layout" and "vertical text layout," I feel that the Japanese used side-by-side with that same English text should be a translation of that same English. More specifically, the Japanese would have...
ATOK has had offered the ability to sketch Kanji under OS X for many years (手書き文字入力):http://www.mactechlab.jp/products-report/3646.html And it's not just Kanji recognition either on the sketch pad:http://blog.shira-dragon.com/?eid=627767 Here's some additional information in English about ATOK's input method:http://www.atok.com/biz/embedded_atok_en.html
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