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Actually, the text used in this article (clearly written by a native English speaker who doesn't fully know Japanese) currently says "Kore ga Nihon desu" (Romaji transliteration). The proper translation of that into English is, "This is Japan" because "日本" is "Japan." If you native English speakers doubt me, examine it yourself here:http://www.csse.monash.edu.au/~jwb/c...wwwjdic.cgi?1CFurthermore, when putting two languages together like this, it's only natural to assume...
"iPad 2's ultra-thing glass screen is generating yield issues" Perhaps they should call it "ultra-THING"! :-)
Experts, answer me this. Why does Apple still use highly breakable glass in its mobile products, when they could achieve the same look and feel with the much more durable and scratch resistant and cost effective Lexan DMX 2415? http://www.fist.si/db/fist/File/Sabi..._DMX_resin.pdf And with a silicon hard coat applied, the strength skyrockets, allowing companies like GM to use it in roof panels on the Corvette: http://kbam.geampod.com/KBAM/Reflect...il/18503_2.pdf
I honestly don't care "when" it comes out, so long as it has dual cameras and a built-in SD card slot!
It would seem Motorola still can't forget STARMAX.
Arrogant or not, I agree with their sentiments. There are too many lawsuits over software patents. Heck, there are too many lawsuits in general. For that reason, it doesn't matter if the case is good or bad, frivolous or not, promoting "freedom and liberty to sue" or not. I just want to see less suing and less media coverage of that suing as a result. The sad fact of the matter is, anyone can sue over a nutty software patent and win, just by bring the case to Texas...
I disagree with that "business decision." And you are guessing, with no facts whatsoever, to assume that AdWords "drive more business to Apple than..." We must also remember that Steve Jobs has made a lot of decisions in his business that do in fact resemble what one sees in a John Wayne movie. Steve Jobs is truly driven by emotion. And part of that emotional side has made him successful. You are trying to argue from a more logical and traditional business standpoint...
Precisely why Apple is idiotic for spending this kind of money ("chump change" or not) merely on "AdWords." It's ridiculous for a company as well-known as Apple to do this, and as an AAPL investor for more than 11 years, I do not like it at all. Another part of it that I hate is the fact that Apple is paying this kind of money to Google, whom we all know is the New Microsoft, intent on copying anything Apple is successful at.Steve Jobs needs to do the right thing and cut...
Thank you, Samurai! My feeble eyes overlooked that part. Being an owner of the Oct. 2009 iMac i7 2.8GHz (8GB RAM), it would be interesting to see that older i7 iMac model added to the same performance graph. The 0.13GHz faster CPU alone probably wouldn't make the 2010 i7 model "feel" noticeably faster than the 2009 model, but I am curious about the impact of the 1066 RAM vs. 1333 RAM. Anyway, thank you.
AppleInsider, thank you for this interesting article. However, you really need to clarify the exact model as defined by "Late 2009 iMac" in your performance comparison bar graph. I assume that late 2009 model was NOT an i7 as the bars show the 2010 i7 to be almost 200% faster, which doesn't make sense. So what CPU and Clock is it?
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