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But you can be bothered enough to bash others for posting links? Preposterous!You are just being argumentative here. I gave you the summary in my original post. It is as plain as day.
It's 100% clear you did not watch the video. Had you watched it, you would have seen that the man doing most of the talking was Professor Dominick T. Armentano, an expert on economics and well researched on Anti-Trust and its implications. Do your homework before you speak.
Anti-Trust Laws are unnecessary and actually harmful to the market and the end consumer: http://video.google.com/videoplay?do...78685983789002 (Video is from 1983, with Ron Paul and Prof. Dominick T. Armentano. Worth your time.)
Well, if dividends are only going to "preferred shareholders" then I want Cook to explain to me how I can become one. And if such is not possible, then it is clear we would have a situation where a small group of wealthy, elitest "preferred shareholders" are getting yet more on top of what they already have. In such a case, how is making that small group of wealthy elite even more rich via Dividends better for Apple or AAPL stock? It would seem only logical that a...
I think the anti-pen crowd (including the late Steven P Jobs) has missed the point entirely. And such is reasonable in light of the fact that Steve Jobs wasn't always right. Yes, he's right to prioritize touch. No question. But he was wrong to assume that no one would ever need or want to use a pen in those cases (however rare one wishes to argue they are) that one needs precision. Honestly, I would love to have an iOS device that lets me focus on touch manipulation...
If so, Gilco Scaffolding should get the shaft, not Apple.
I for one couldn't give a rat's fanny over the insurance issues. What begs the questions is how Gilco Scaffolding Co., LLC could have allowed this woman to "walk through the active Apple Store construction site"! Scaffolding companies are responsible for establishing a safe perimeter around the work area (at least, that's how it is here in Japan), and therefore, unless someone is blatantly ignoring signs, and blatantly moves a physical barrier aside to enter a dangerous...
The title is awfully amusing when it comes to the phrase "completely accurate," seeing the content of this article is far from it. I've long complained about the bad spelling on AppleInsider, and it's clear to me that I am one of the few who is voicing it, as evidenced by the fact these foolish misspellings continue. We don't live in the 1970's anymore, when we didn't have spelling checkers, more less PCs. Even so, we did have paper dictionaries back then, and...
Ah yes... Apple is in business so that it can "hire people." It serves no other purpose whatsoever. "Hiring out-of-work Americans" is Apple's sole reason for existence. Has the world gone mad? Or is this just a slow news day? And honestly, who cares? That especially holds true for those of us who don't live there. In the greater scheme of things, it really doesn't matter.
I am shocked the article mentions nothing about this. But what is the viewing angle? How does it compare with IPS displays? If the viewing angle is the same or better than IPS, then I think this new technology would be outstanding. But if the viewing angle is horrific, I would imagine such outweighs the benefits mentioned. Is there no set of technical specifications on this new screen technology, such that we can confirm the viewing angles?
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