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If anyone needs to be taken to court over this, it is the sly FCC, not Apple. The regulatory hand of the US government is what really limits your reception, folks.
What are the implications of this? And I am quite shocked no one is talking about it! Are we now going to see web pages grow larger in terms of filesize, chewing up bandwidth, only because web designers are now going to start saving bitmap graphics at higher resolutions than 72dpi, so they display more sharply on the iPhone 4?
Both are easily fixable. It's called, "wait for the 2nd Gen." Seriously. I really wanted to purchase one of these things, but I refuse to do so over one point: it has no camera and I want to video conference with it. Hopefully there will be intense pressuring on Apple over the next year to add this, such that they will break down and do it in Gen. 2. I think it is technologically feasible even if the so-called "camera mount" turned out to be the slot for the ambient...
I enjoyed the intro, "Steve Jobs of Apple COMPUTER." The word may have been dropped from the official company name 3 years, but it lives on in our minds.
A truly interesting display of what's possible on the iPad, but with an equally in-your-face choice of subject-matter. With the recent purging of overtly sensual content from the App Store, one can only wonder how a subject like this would be treated in the approval process.
"...taht book publishers..."??? Taht's a new word to me!
A microscopic section of the country containing a brain-dead populace plays favorites with companies that exist for no other reason than to fleece real companies over patent squabbles. Talk about injustice in the supreme. The Eastern District of Texas needs to become a new above ground nuclear test site.
Wonderful post and exactly what I want to know as well.
Your smiley at the end shows you wrote that in jest, but there is a lot of truth in it. When I first got my 24" March 2009 3.06GHz iMac, I was color-correcting in Photoshop for 20 minutes trying in vain to remove a light green color cast on a photo. I then look down for a second and noticed that my shirt was green. I then grabbed a black book on my desk and held it in front of my shirt. The color cast vanished! So "white reflections" are not the only problems with...
I apologize for apparently having made my words overly complex, Dr., but you answered your own question: "hacker projects" = Hackintosh = stuff sold by Psystar and similar companies. If one wishes to purchase something to build their own Mac (whether building themselves or getting it prebuilt and pre-setup), you take some level of risk. Some people ignore the risk but lack the ability to build these machines themselves, so they go to the likes of silly Psystar. Others...
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