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New Apple TV + little cam/mic that turns your TV into a full-sized video conference using Facetime. Let grandma&grandpa see the little ones full sized. And say a bit more...   + Apple TV can be directed from the iWatch or iPhone or iPad so you get a better UI than with that horrible remote.   + Apple TV Store
 One major reason why I won't allow Android on any network I control: http://appleinsider.com/articles/14/07/29/new-android-fake-id-flaw-empowers-stealthy-new-class-of-super-malware- I wouldn't get my kids an Android for whatever reason. Far too risky.
At a safe distance, that is.
I think Google is the bully. Samsung is just not an easy victim. It's funny to see that Samsung (appalling though its copying tactics are) is more or less in the same situation as Apple. They are a hardware vendor for which the software is a means to sell devices (actually, Apple is more an 'integrated experience' vendor). They are both up against pure software giants like Google and Amazon, both of the bullying kind (Amazon in the publishing world is even a worse bully...
One must respect their tenacity to try to copy everything Apple does.   OTOH, such a product is not created in a space of weeks, so either Apple pre-empted Samsung's release by buying Beats or Samsung was already aware of Apple's intentions for a longer period or it is just a natural move for both of them.   Anyway, if it is that tenacity, it offers a good opportunity for Apple to trip them up. Maybe Apple can announce a line of intelligent trash cans? And then we see...
I'm sorry, but this is not always true. As I've seen it, IBM is often seen as cumbersome and overpriced. Their software and hardware tools are seen as very expensive, bloated and not always good, and their reps are often seen as only pushing stuff to get revenue & lock-in, not really interested in what the customer needs. Microsoft often has good relations with larger customers and a close relation, especially when infrastructure is concerned. They are generally trusted by...
 LOL Really good. Just wondering, though. Is IBM as skilled as HP in taking some nice innovative outsider's tech and then completely destroy it? Not in this case, IBM just becomes a sales channel for Apple and Apple (iOS) becomes the ultimate front-end for IBMs big data. Seems like a good match.
How long will web browsing stats be a reliable measure for platform popularity? I think already it isn't because it is apps that are more important than web browsing.
B&N and the Nook seem to be a lost cause under pressure of both Amazon & Apple.
No way. That only holds for electronic books and if you only want to sell to Apple hardware owners. But the majority of books is still on paper and for many books MOBI/EPUB and even iBooks formats are not able to handle it properly (as a publisher I recently started with a very graphical book about the Enterprise Architecture language ArchiMate, read the story at the bottom of http://bit.ly/1iNacG8 if you want to know why I did not go for Kindle, partly technical (also...
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