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To be fair, Which also writes this essential part:If especially the last sentence is true, the issue is not as bad as it sounds. It used to be that the extra memory was nearly useless (as DED once very nicely explained when writing about memory architectures). If it now is not a problem anymore, leaving this out is a bit 'coloured'.
Honestly, Apple does indeed often gives an insane level of detail to its products. But there are departments of Apple that also show insane levels of neglect, especially in software. Example: try using a modern Mac with mobile accounts (portable home directories) and run into software that is bug-ridden and that has been neglected for years and years. There, they just don't give a damn.
I thought Apple has moral standards.   What's next? Meeting Putin who has just occupied Crimea (though the fanatics in Kiev have really made it easy for him by passing laws that outlaw the native tongue of the people living there) and who has been endorsed by Assad on that move?   Israel's occupation and settlement policies are illegal and ugly. Cook should not dignify people like Netanyahu who support and execute those policies by meeting him. Wasn't it Cook who...
The NSA's approach to most hacking into protected environments/data streams has largely been pretty simple and smart (as I understand from the little I have read): they try to get access to the private keys protecting the data. E.g. they have a plant in some organisation (say Google) that gets access to the private key, and from that moment on they can do whatever the owner of the private key can do (e.g. look inside the SSL-protected connection between the user and...
See my other post: CP can be a memory hog when your backup set is large. Your Mac crawls to a halt if it dies swapping memory in/out and that may happen. Have a look with Activity Monitor when that happens. You can limit CP's memory by running it (unsupported, but it works) as a 32bit program. You can limit also its memory claim, but though your system will still run, CP itself may crawl to a halt and concurrently use so much CPU (because java is busy swapping memory...
Agree. It is worth your money to buy CrashPlan+ and have access to features like multiple backup sets (e.g. only a local convenience backup for stuff I could restore otherwise and local & off site for more vulnerable material), more fine-grained time options, etc. I have a setup with a Mac OS X Server that has CP+ installed. I backup to a friend, he backs up to me. That gives us both a free off site backup. A few more friends/family are backing up to me. It is available...
It is a weak point of the whole Wikipedia setup. Subjects like these are prone to be hijacked by companies as a part of their marketing (pro or con) and given Samsung's unethical history in social media (as I recall) it will be problematic to fight this. Between which page releases were these edits made?
Since every lightstrip can be tuned independently, doesn't that give you the option to create recipes that have the same color for each?
More was out. For me, Maps was out & Siri was out around that time.
I held off on buying a 13" MBP until now because the reviews told me that the GPU could not handle Retina (no smooth scrolling etc.). This review does not tell me, but has that been fixed? I expect it to be, but is it true?
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