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Since every lightstrip can be tuned independently, doesn't that give you the option to create recipes that have the same color for each?
More was out. For me, Maps was out & Siri was out around that time.
I held off on buying a 13" MBP until now because the reviews told me that the GPU could not handle Retina (no smooth scrolling etc.). This review does not tell me, but has that been fixed? I expect it to be, but is it true?
And how does the financial comparison go if deferred income is included?
A new Ballmer! Whew! Continuity of entertainment has been guaranteed.
What a surprise!
Can't reproduce this on my iPhone5 with iOS7. It just keeps saying 'Emergency Calls Only'. I have no control center on the home screen, maybe that influences it?
OK, Apple, please bring this to Mac OS X (and OS X Server) so we can use this on our LANs
They should fix the big shortcomings of iBooks first, for one the lack of support for vector-based graphics and the lack of support for navigating large graphics properly.
Now with better formatting. You need to add the following line to the /etc/sudoers to force a password prompt to be given at all times:   Apple should make this a default IMO.   This stops this security problem.
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