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Sorry I added this using an old browser and cannot layout this properly. Fix: add this to /etc/sudoers using the visudo command "Defaults:ALL timestamp_timeout=0" (without the quotes) This prevents the login-without-giving-password. It's safer anyway. I think Apple should make it the default anyway. Note: of all Mac OS X users, how many use the command line (Terminal, probably negligible) and how many of those use sudo (probably the majority of that small group).
What malware threats are we talking about in that 0.7% slice that represents iOS?
What Microsoft needs is someone with a passion for 'user experience'. They started with someone with a passion for bits&bytes (and with many misses, let's  not forget how much energy was spent on hopeless AI-like ventures and promises of cool stuff that was only vapour), Ballmer is a 'passion for money' type; user experience as just a way to make money. But it doesn't work purely like that. Most Microsoft's stuff isn't used for the experience, but because people have to....
  The iPad was, what, 3 years ago? The iPhone 3 years before that? You want something that 'changes markets' every year? Isn't that a bit asking too much?   The first ten years of this century have been exceptional in that Apple (never small, so more a 'large nimble company') cranked out more than one 'market changing' innovation. Demanding that such a stream of size/speed keeps up is not rational.   Besides, there have been many smaller 'deep' innovations that made...
This quote says it all. Instead of trying to brainwash people into using products he might have been better off finding out why his children wanted to use an iPod or Google (apparently brainwashing was needed to prevent that).   But maybe brainwashing (of the general public) had been such a successful strategy in the 90's that he could not envision anything else.
Yeah, Apple never created anything worthwhile in tech. They stole it all from RIM and Samsung and before that from Microsoft.
The fact that Samsung uses Android effectively to hurt Motorola may mean that Google is actually hurting itself. Very funny.
Surface RT? Seriously?   What does 'increasingly opt for' mean in the case of Surface RT? In this case, from less that 1% (actually from 0%) to 1%?   All percentages including the category 'others' add up to 55%. Something is definitely very wrong here.
Are they trying to get rid of excess inventory? Or is the update around the corner? What reason is there for such large discounts?
I think Microsoft and the pundits DED targets generally deserve the sarcasm. DED is also pretty good at it. Probably because he is really irked about the stupidity of it all.   And its not only sarcasm. DED did a pretty amazing piece once, analysing the Android memory model, showing that it would be really hard to put real apps on it. At the time the fact that the iPhone did not have a card slot for memory expansion was seen as a big drawback by pundits. But DED showed...
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