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More was out. For me, Maps was out & Siri was out around that time.
I held off on buying a 13" MBP until now because the reviews told me that the GPU could not handle Retina (no smooth scrolling etc.). This review does not tell me, but has that been fixed? I expect it to be, but is it true?
And how does the financial comparison go if deferred income is included?
A new Ballmer! Whew! Continuity of entertainment has been guaranteed.
What a surprise!
Can't reproduce this on my iPhone5 with iOS7. It just keeps saying 'Emergency Calls Only'. I have no control center on the home screen, maybe that influences it?
OK, Apple, please bring this to Mac OS X (and OS X Server) so we can use this on our LANs
They should fix the big shortcomings of iBooks first, for one the lack of support for vector-based graphics and the lack of support for navigating large graphics properly.
Now with better formatting. You need to add the following line to the /etc/sudoers to force a password prompt to be given at all times:   Apple should make this a default IMO.   This stops this security problem.
Sorry I added this using an old browser and cannot layout this properly. Fix: add this to /etc/sudoers using the visudo command "Defaults:ALL timestamp_timeout=0" (without the quotes) This prevents the login-without-giving-password. It's safer anyway. I think Apple should make it the default anyway. Note: of all Mac OS X users, how many use the command line (Terminal, probably negligible) and how many of those use sudo (probably the majority of that small group).
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