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Didn't Jobs start out with a HP internship long ago?
Strategy-wise, this is reminiscent of Apple buying NeXT. But is is easier for HP as it is a whole new category with a ready OS instead of a migration type of NeXTSTEP->Mac OS X. If HP has the commitment to pull this off (build the whole ecosystem around WebOS), this is a first believable potential competitor for iPhone OS. But it will take a few years minimum.
Apple wants to protect the lead of its hardware platforms. Portable mobile app development that can be deployed on multiple platforms (say Android & iPhone OS) erodes the unique advantage of the app store and thus of the iPhone/iPod/iPad hardware platform where Apple makes its money. Still, it is a countercompetitive move, not a competitive move. As such, it is overall a bad thing. It is like the runners in a track contest trying to trip each other instead of running as...
A smaller form factor will have a battery life problem, I guess. A smaller screen takes less power, but for the CPU, it is the same as with the larger brother. Doesn't feel likely.
These were great ads, the idea was brilliant and they were executed perfectly, simple and highly effective. I'll miss them. But I can understand that it might be time to move on. After all, maybe the time has come to sell Apple on its own merits instead of being "not as clunky as a PC". Windows 7 getting a better press than Vista also makes it more difficult to be effective with the "not Windows" argument. But it is an hard act to follow. After all, find something...
Seems like a very good analysis. MS seems to be less ui-copying in the mobile area. They desperately want to be different, from Apple. That doesn't make them more able to be user experience driven, but it looks to me (from the little I have seen) that Android is far more iPhone OS like than WinMo 7. In terms of strategy and the art of corporate war and totally off topic: why did Apple let their 45 days for buying AdMob expire? Paranoid minds would suspect that it was a...
I think I want an iPad as soo as it is available here in the Netherlands (which it will be pretty soon after the US launch). But there is one thing stopping me. I am uncertain about security/privacy. How well protected is the iPad against use by others? If I read my mail on it, can anybody who has access to the device read my mail ((etc) without having to enter a password? Thanks,
Well, well, Microsoft takes 'living icons' from Mac OS X and makes good use of it on their phone platform. Good for them. Touting them as "breaking the mold" is a bit rich, though. After all, I think NeXTSTEP (predecessor of OS X) had these already almost 20 years ago.
Nope. Three times
"General Protection Failure". That could be a great subtitle for Windows over the years, btw Apple's subtitle could then be "Don't Panic!"
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