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Here are a few of mine. I get them from mandolux.com as well.
I disagree that the midrange white MacBook is the equivalent to the 12" PowerBook. The black MacBook is at the same pricepoint as the 12" PB was, and as it is a more professional-looking color, is known that that is the model which really replaced the 12" PB. The reason I said to ask for the MacBook Pro, is because I have a friend who had the same replacement (12" PB -> 15" MacBook Pro).
It seems like a good deal, but if I were you, I would ask for a base 15" MacBook Pro, because that is really the most equivalent to what you have. If anything, at least insist they give you the black MacBook (assuming you want that color), if you don't want the size of the Pro.
The Apple Stores don't have any configurations of MacBooks with 2GB RAM. All of them come with two matching sticks of RAM, so the builds with 1GB are actually 2x512 sticks. So if you wanted them to upgrade it to 2GB for you, it would probably cost more than just doing a custom build online. What you can do that should work well is go into the store and buy a gift card for the amount you need, then use that card to purchase it online with the specs you want. Justin
This is something I'm dying for as well, but I thought I had heard a while back that currently 2560x1600 (the current 30" display) is the max resolution DVI can support. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this would mean a new video interface would be needed in order to get these higher resolutions.
Thanks for your responses, guys. I brought it into the Apple Store and they said it's probably aproblem with the graphics card, so they're replacing the logic board. Hopefully that'll fix it. Thanks, Justin
Hello, I posted the following on the Apple Forums as well, to no avail. Hopfully someone here can help! I recently began to notice that certain programs or graphics on screen would would have a sort of "off" color to them. This would affect all of the dashboard widgets. I tried deleting the dashboard preferences and all of the widgets and basically resetting dashboard, but that didn't do anything. It almost looked like the color was much weaker than it should be, less...
I just got this Incase leather folio case for mine and I love it. Always happy with Incase products. (It comes in black or tan) http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPL.... part number TL179LL/A
It's kind of sad that he thinks the current US cell phone market is doing well and filled with quality products.
That is the most disturbing image of an iPhone I've ever seen.
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