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OS X officially supports every public SDK since 10.4.9 (the first Intel SDK) and that's not likely to change anytime soon. As long as that's still the case then your old garbage-collected apps will continue to run.
Be sure to check out Session 206: What's New in Ovens and Washers.
SQUARE IPHONE Also, this is the third WWDC in a row that the intersection in front of the Apple Store will be under construction. What gives?
  It's not censoring or filtering words, it's a text measurement bug.   The last word of the sentence is being wrapped to the next line, but the bubble is only tall enough to display a single line.  That will happen if the programmer uses different metrics to calculate the size of the bubble vs. the actual text rendering because of differing fonts or differing margins.  It's probably only off by one pixel, which means you'll only see the problem with very specific...
They're not reaching out to "select developers". A number of people's purchases failed with an error message on the last step of the transaction, after they had added the ticket to their cart and entered their payment info. Apple's contacting those people and allowing them to complete the purchase.
It sounds like Luba Goy doing the voice-over in that video.
Wow, that is an incredibly beautiful machine.
I encourage everyone to download and try out this software. It's a great reminder of the crap people have to put up with on other platforms. No retina graphics. It's slow. Pinch to zoom is wonky. Search results are not centered on the map, so when you try to zoom in the search result immediately scrolls off screen. Search results are worse than Apple Maps. Most of the search problems with Apple Maps in my area were resolved within the first two weeks of release. ...
When pigs fly.   There's very little doubt they've worked on porting OS X to ARM.  Why wouldn't they?  I'm sure there are much more interesting projects they are working on that will never see the light of day.   Maybe someday it will become slightly viable, sensible, and beneficial to transition Macs to ARM, but that day is so far off into the future that it's not even worth thinking about.
Anything is more rugged than the cheap plastic Nexus 7. Mine only lasted a couple of months of light use. Asus has severe quality control problems. The Nexus 7 glass can become separated from the case, and when that happens the screen can crack right in your hand. Unfortunately, I didn't find out how widespread the problem was until my screen had already broken. The Nexus 7 is complete junk as far as I'm concerned.
New Posts  All Forums: