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Neat hack, but mostly pointless. When the 1st iPhone and iPod touch were released then Jailbreaked, we saw a flood of really excellent 3rd party software for those devices. The Apple TV has been Jailbreaked for awhile, but where are the apps? Until real app developers figure out what if anything should run on Apple TV these kinds of cracks are pointless. And if developers do figure it out, you can be sure Apple will be there to capitalize on it.
Here's a screenshot of an app I wrote for browsing the file system: Notice the path bar just above file list. Normally, it shows the path to the current folder, just like the regular Finder path bar. But, once we enter the Mobile Documents folder it changes to "iCloud > Document", with an iCloud icon in place of the regular folder icon. And the iCloud icon is greyed out. I suspect that Apple intends (or intended) to display a special iCloud virtual folder in...
Here we are at version 3 of WebOS, on its fastest hardware yet, and it's still slow, buggy, and power hungry. The UI is pretty, as usual, but it's still a mess under the surface. WebOS was a hail mary attempt from Palm; after years of trying to develop the next generation Palm OS they whipped together "WebOS" from a Linux kernel and WebKit in only a matter of months, and it appears there are serious architectural problems as a result. I'll be surprised if there are...
Unlike the iPhone 3G, which always had serious performance issues, there is virtually no difference in performance between the 3GS and the 4. While there are real technical issues that prevent, say, multitasking on the old 3G, there would be no reason that iOS 5 would not run just as well on the 3GS as the 4. Any decision to not support the 3GS is purely arbitrary.
Is it just me, or do those new GUI controls (buttons, sliders, etc.) look cartoony and cheap? It reminds me of those cheap Linux UI themes that tried to duplicate the Aqua look without copying it pixel for pixel. You can't do better than Aqua. If they want to replace Aqua they're going to have to come up with something completely new and equally as refined. Just tweaking Aqua for sake of tweaking it will always look bad.
I don't like that power button so close to the delete key. I hit the eject key by accident all the time; if that was a power button that would be very annoying.
I'm still waiting for the Retina Display MacBook Pro: 2560x1600 13" display, and Mac OS X 10.7 with Resolution Independence.
You always could. You can even "like" stuff that isn't in your library. Before, you would click the little arrow next to the album name to take you to the Store, then you click "Like". They've just replaced the little arrow with a pop-up menu
They'll keep selling them as long as they have inventory to sell. And they'll keep making them as long as people keep buying them, or until they become too expensive to manufacture.
The Shuffle isn't going anywhere. People fail to understand that the Shuffle isn't a product, it's a marketing gimmick. It's meant to be given away as door prizes, etc., as a gateway to real Apple products. My parents have a drawer full of Shuffles. They now also have an iPhone and a MacBook.
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