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I've always thought of USA Today as the McDonalds of newspapers, something I would never seriously read, except when I'm on vacation and it's the only thing available. But they were one of the first with an iPad product, and they have what I think is the absolute best newspaper/magazine reader app. Better than NPR. Better than BBC. Way better than ABC. I read USA Today precisely because their software is so good. It's funny, isn't it. The quality of their iPad...
The technical term is "Scroll Nipple".
I never liked single-finger tap gestures; they're too easy to trigger by accident. That's one of the nice things about multi-touch.
Damn, that three-finger dragging is a lot more compelling than I would have guessed. I just wish it didn't clobber the old three-finger back/forward action; I rely on that quite a lot, too. I wish I could map 4-finger left/right to the back/forward action.
This thing is not for use in a small mobile device like a watch or a remote or a nano. Look at how the cables run; this tiny screen is meant to be installed on something with a large surface area along the south and east planes of the screen. Can you imagine an iPod nano with that much real-estate around the screen? It's probably meant for laptops, or perhaps a secondary screen on an iPod touch.
While the Mini was originally intended as the low-cost, entry-level Mac, it hasn't played out that way. You need only to visit any college campus to see what the actual entry-level Mac is. Meanwhile, the Mini has found its place as a small Mac server for businesses, and as home entertainment units, and it's clear that that's how Apple is now positioning the Mini. Is the Mini still compelling in those two markets? I think so.
Given the timing of the beta, I'd expect iPhone OS 4 to be ready to go by then. Certainly no sooner.
N.D.A.? N.D.Shmeah.
Ha! Woz is great. Sent from my Apple //c
It's about time; these kinds of App Store abuses have been going on for far too long. Anything that clears the way for legitimate iPhone software is a good thing.
New Posts  All Forums: