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I'll add my voice to choir. I would love to see Apple produce a trackpad peripheral. I was skeptical of the "no button" glass trackpad at first, but now I think it's just the greatest.
I replaced my original drive with a much larger one years ago. It's a very easy and inexpensive procedure, these days.
Apple released the beta iPad SDK the day the device was announced. All they did today was release another beta.
The iWork apps were the most impressive part of the demo for me, not because I'm dying to use iWork on a tablet, but because it shows what the iPad and iPhone user interface is truly capable of as far as serious applications are concerned. These iWork apps represent a huge software engineering effort, but Apple needed to do it in order to demonstrate for themselves and for everyone else how serious apps will work on the iPad, develop user interface guidelines, and to...
They should buy Michael Dell.
There are always new MacBook Pros on the horizon.
I'm surprised they didn't add something like a 3-finger click to support Spaces or Dashboard, or even middle click. Certainly the hardware can detect when there are three fingers pressing down.
Good catch on the lack of middle click. A few years ago that would've been a big deal-breaker for me, but these days I spend most of my time using the MacBook trackpad and I get along just fine without middle click. Even when I'm using my Mighty Mouse I often Command-click rather than middle click out of habit.
When I travel I use a GPS app that records my path (among other things). I keep the app running throughout the day, along with Google Maps, then export the path to a Google Earth .KML file and send it over to my MacBook via Bluetooth. Best of all, that app is free and open source. All of that is impossible on the iPhone. Like it or not, the messaging and text input on the Blackberry is still lightyears ahead of the iPhone. Even if you take the keyboard out of the...
Does this mean I can now throw my Mighty Mouse in the dishwasher?
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