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It sounds like Telus and Bell are only supporting the iPhone with their 3G network. If that's the case then you're going to be doing quite a lot of roaming on Roger's GSM network. Anyway, last time I shopped around for a Blackberry (6 months ago) Rogers had the best data plan by a good $30 to $40 a month over Bell; Telus's data plans were still from the stone age. All this really means is that Telus and Bell and going to have to come down substantially to meet Roger's...
The most serious (and fixable) problem with the review process is the utter lack of communication with the developer as the app is being reviewed. It's offensive. That said, I have little sympathy for an inexperience PHP programmer who clearly has trouble acting like a professional. If you ship multiple show-stopping bugs not once but in two consecutive releases then you clearly don't know what you're doing. He knows fulll-well he copied Apple's iChat bubbles...
Some people will believe anything they hear.
Ballmer in 2007: There’s no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance.
Fake and stupid. Stop posting this crap.
Yeah, sure. I suppose it will have two batteries and a slide out keyboard as well? Also, those videos are hilariously fake. There's nothing to discuss.
12% of iPhone 3GS users disappointed by lack of unified inbox, push email, hardware keyboard, auto-text, UMA, multitasking, and background apps. Also note that every revolutionary new feature of the 3GS, except the compass, has already been available on the Blackberry for quite some time. But there's no question that the iPhone is now closer then ever to the Blackberry. Not close enough for me, though, so I'll be sticking with my iPod touch. I recently downloaded...
I guess he's still alive, or he has a convincing doppelgänger. I wonder if he's started using iChat again?
"We find the BlackBerry better for email and calendaring and the iPhone better for everything else," I would agree with that, although I'd include memos, tasks, contacts, and anything else that requires a keyboard in that list. And for me, the 'everything else' is games and music. It all depends on where your priorities lie. My priorities are messaging and music, so I carry both a Blackberry Curve and an iPod Touch.
LOL at all the hurt feelings. It's just business, kids. Sent from my BlackBerry.
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