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What's the file size and resolution of iTunes' HD movies?
Well, I'm a iPhone developer who just bought a Curve 8900 primarily to handle support for my iPhone App. There still isn't anything that comes close to the Blackberry when you need to move a lot of email, as far as I'm concerned. I'm pushing a handful of Gmail accounts to my phone, plus push-IM (MSN and Google Talk). There's also a native Gmail client that allows me to search through my various Gmail accounts. And there's GPS + Google Maps, of course. Go...
Models not listed: iPod 3,2 iPod 4,1 iPhone 3,1 iPhone 3,2 You saw it here first.
I'm disappointed they didn't call it Lip Service.
There won't be any multitasking until they start shipping iPhones with twice the RAM and enable virtual memory. As it stands, there is barely enough memory to run Safari and Mail simultaneously. Actually, on current devices I'd say there isn't enough memory to run Safari satisfactorily; it takes very little to have it run out of memory and quit.
Fake and stupid.
Crazy Ballmer talks crazy. Time to sell your MSFT stock.
Of course they don't know; there's uncertainly in any medical procedure. Nobody expects Apple to issue daily updates on Jobs' health, but the whole "Steve Jobs' health is a private issue and is not open for discussion" is nothing more than Apple trying to control this situation the best they can, and it's very surprising how many people bought into that angle (or maybe it's not that surprising) If you don't like the way Cringely reported this info, then how would *you*...
I thought it was an interesting read. I agree with Cringely's assertion that as long as Jobs is CEO or is expected to return as CEO then the question of his health is a valid subject. I also agree that Jobs *likes* to be talked about. I think Apple's handling of Steve's current health issues is suspicious to say the least. To frame it as simply a privacy issue is rather ridiculous; Apple executives know as well as anyone that any word of Jobs leaving Apple would...
They're not going to create an aluminum unibody Mac mini just so it matches their laptops. The mini is their econo-model, they're going to manufacture it as cheaply as possible. Most minis are actually purchased by corporations for use in server and processing farms (Microsoft uses hundreds of minis to run the builds and automated tests of their Mac software). It matters very little what they look like. But if this video isn't fake then Apple are clearly continuing to...
New Posts  All Forums: