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I routinely connect both an older MacBook and a new unibody MacBook to my stereo via a standard 1/8" phone jack and I've never noticed anything unusual with either.
It's hard to imagine how anyone would be interested in paying to "upgrade" their existing library. There's absolutely no point unless you're planning to migrate away from iTunes/iPod, and if you are moving out of iTunes there are plenty of alternative options that won't cost you money (just a bit of your time). It's only audio, after all, and audio is *very* easy to work with. Back in the day we actually had to manually dub music if we wanted backups; those days are...
The prices for new releases are going up. I think this is a net-loss for consumers, but the optics look good for Apple thanks to the anti-DRM crowd.
Pretty difficult to make a judgement when you haven't even tried it. I challenge anyone to show me a better Windows-to-Mac port than this Picasa, and like I said it absolutely destroys iPhoto when it comes to performance and memory usage. And it's still only in Beta (there are rough edges) There are a lot of people moving from Windows to OS X, and Picasa is often cited as the Windows software they miss the most. I don't think any of those people will think Picasa looks...
Picasa is first and foremost a Windows applications. Google used WineLib to port Picasa to Linux, so they must have used WineLib to do the Mac Port as well. That's important because WineLib used to require X11 for its GUI support. Obviously Google has added native OS X display support to WineLib, which is great news. The app itself appears to work just as well as the Windows version, doesn't look terribly out of place on the OS X desktop, and absolutely destroys...
The only question that remains is what Apple will charge for this little iPhone. I'm guessing $49.99 for the 4 GB model.
The BlackBerry Bold has the same resolution (480x320) as the current iPhone, yet you'd never be able to guess that by just looking at the two. It's very conceivable that this iPhone nano has the same screen resolution and therefore would run the same software. It's also very conceivable that they would be able to stuff a non-3G phone into the smaller form factor. But I just don't understand how they could shrink the area of the touch interface by that much without...
I think all the features that could make their way out of that research and into the real world has already been added to OS X, in the form of Leopard.
It's $300 million. They gotta spend in on *something*. But to "record your own I'm a PC ad"? I don't even know what that is.
A ridiculous puff piece that tries to pass misguided opinions as fact. What a total waste of time.
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