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I welcome any improvements to "The PC Experience" and any other area of computer technology, but I'd much rather see these improvements happen through innovation rather than through the "mimicking" of your competitor.
It's a MacTablet, obviously. A merging of a full Mac and the iPhone in terms of functionality and UI. It's the last remaining "poorly defined" market to be conquered before Steve-o retires.
It doesn't seem like much of an upgrade unless you have a 64-bit (Intel) multi-core CPU, with a dedicated GPU capable of OpenCL and *lots* of RAM. Or, if you want to use Mail.app with an Exchange server.
Man, there is a lot of stupid speculation going on. Snow Leopard won't run Carbon apps? Give me a break. This kind of uneducated speculation is a hilarious waste of time. Leopard itself brought massive additions and improvements to both the Cocoa and Carbon frameworks. There are things you simply cannot do in Cocoa, which is why most applications make use of both Cocoa and Carbon frameworks. If Carbon isn't available in 10.6 most Cocoa application won't run.
Spoken like someone with no experience with push email, and questionable experience with mobile phones and email in general. Gustav, you believe the world would get along just fine without push email, but you made no argument as to why. All you did was insult people who use push email and then get upset when someone called you an idiot for doing so. People of all ages and all walks of life spend an enormous amount of money on text messaging. The Blackberry does one...
For the same reasons that SMS and IM are important to people. When push-email and push-IM are done properly you get all the benefits of SMS without its ridiculous costs and limitations. And most importantly, your email and IM conversations aren't limited to your mobile phone. Polling is the worst thing to do if you want to minimize network usage and maximize battery life.
Cringely called it back in July. The X-mas 3G surprise, that is. http://www.pbs.org/cringely/pulpit/2...12_002475.html
I can't believe the nano has a larger screen than my 4G iPod. The thing looks delicious, too.
Digital wi-fi radio is a hell of a lot more compelling than an FM tuner, which, by the way, has been available on the iPod for years, as an option.
The biggest iPhone complaint is its price. So, take the iPhone, remove the cellular radio, and add 30 GB of storage (HD or otherwise). That would cost a fortune! Not to mention that it would compete much more closely with the iPhone than would make sense to either Apple or AT&T. (Surely, AT&T negotiated some provision that prevents Apple releasing a competing product so soon). As much as I'd like to see Apple create a whole new iPod/iPhone application platform...
New Posts  All Forums: