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First, don't get used to that new look. It's just the iLife '06 theme, and clearly it's just a placeholder. Any fancy new theme will be debuted at the hands of His Steveness, it won't just appear in a developer seed. Second, why is Apple unifying the look now? Considering how bad it is usability wise (and in Expose) for all different applications to look identical. A few sources have popped up on various message boards recently, and the speculation is that, given...
Nearly three dozen bugs? LOL. A product of this complexity would be dealing with bug lists on the order of thousands, a percentage of which are deemed to have high enough priority or severity to block shipping. It's not uncommon for a single developer to have hundreds of bugs on their plate. And how many developers are working on OS X? At some point their developers will stop new feature development and concentrate all efforts on bringing the bug count down, which...
The wireless data plans in Canada are obnoxiously expensive and are priced only for corporate executives. They could give the iPhone away for free and most people still couldn't afford it to use it. Unfortunately I think the iPhone is a lost cause in Canada.
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