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get as much as you can for your compaq using craigslist or eBay (watch for scams though!!!) then go for the entry level MacBook. buy an aftermarket harddrive for like $100, try to sell 60GB you took out or keep it as a backup or just in case. that's my advice, cause my MacBook is amazing!
ditto. my first Mac. great experiences so far. works perfectly w/ all the perifs i used to use w/ my Dell. couldnt ask for a better machine.
if i were you i'd invest in a mouse and keyboard anyways. you can get a nice wired set for like $50 and never worry about arm/wrist/palm pain. and yes, the iCurve raises the monitor height more than the iLap.
my MacBook only allowed a few resolutions as well for my HDTV. try each resolution at the lower refresh rates (60-75) the biggest i was able to get was like 1000x700ish. at 70Hz (i think)
duh. blackbooks look better and appeal to more people than plain-jane white. obvious to charge a lil more.
Happy BlackBook owner here too. (switcher to boot!) only complaints are my own lack of OS X knowledge and experience.
what if you had the MacBook hooked to a bigger (say 19") monitor??? do you think it would work then? or is the graphics card of the MacBook still not up to par w/ Aperture's requirements??
just curious if it is possible to run Aperture on my new MacBook. i have the 2.0GHz, 2.0GB, 80GB BlackBook. i have read online which models its compatable with but it doesnt seem to even list MacBook (even in the non-compatable list) anyone currently running this on their MacBook? is it possible? thanks in advance!
i cant stand how iPhoto puts every one of my pictures and puts them in a new roll. pisses me off as well
wow that surprises me as well. i guess my hopes to be able to run it on my 2GHz, 2GB MacBook are shot to hell lol. i was hoping it might be able to crawl along in Aperture but now im thinkin i'm dreamin. o and to answer your question --- i'd look at NewEgg.com for your RAM needs. very competitive prices and fast shipping. took only 3 business days from day of order to arrival at my house for my MacBook ram. and that's from California to Texas in only 3 days.
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