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Same problem here. Our DNS servers didn't work this morning for about two hours (the network itself was ok, I was able to print, connect to our database server, etc.). As long as the DNS was out of order the finder took about 2 min. to properly load, ActivityMonitor labeled it in red and as "Finder(Hung)". As soon as access to the internet was again enabled the machine booted as fast as always. Any idea what the Finder is looking up on the network [I never had this...
The freeware RBrowser Lite works great for me.
Check out these sites. Lots of info and forums where you can discuss and ask questions. http://www.photo.net http://www.dpreview.com http://www.steves-digicams.com http://www.imaging-resource.com
L'ermite: Ça fait un bon moment qu'on t'a plus vu par ici. Bienvenu de retour sur AI. Merci Did you try to connect a GPS to your Palm? I had a client doing the exact same thing as yourself. PB 667 and Garmin GPS. We were looking at trying VPC but found that getting a USB to Serial cable (Palm USB Syncing cable works a treat) and using MacGPS Pro worked like a charm. And he's in the Australian Army.....so it's gotta work!! I just tried my Palm USB to serial...
MacGPS Pro might be what you are looking for: "MacGPS Pro is software for linking any GARMIN GPS Receiver to any Macintosh. It allows import of maps from a wide variety of sources. These maps can be used real-time as a moving-map display of your current position and velocity. They can also be used as a background to graphically create, display and edit Waypoints, Routes and Tracklogs for transfer to and from a Garmin GPS receiver."
[quote]Originally posted by ZO: has anyone managed to get an internet satellite solution for Mac aside from using intricate methods (like a PC server, via AirPort, etc etc)? thanx
Tiscali offers an interesting (but rather expensive) satellite solution. From the Swiss website: "Tiscali SAT comprend une antenne parabolique et un modem Satellite Tiscali SAT Model 360 que vous devez...
4D might be another solution (no personal experience). An advantage of FileMaker and 4D is, that they are cross-platform Mac/Windows (which Access isn't).
There's another solution.
Indeed, everything is quite a bit faster! (window resizing, web browsing, starting apps...)
[quote]Originally posted by Defiant: does it rain in geneva ?
It did when I was installing the update, you think this may be the reason for this strange behaviour? [quote]Originally posted by tonton: Hello L'ermite. How's life by the lake?
Rainy and the holidays are over... I see you're back in HK, hope you had a good time in Switzerland.
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