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I use Siri a lot and I hate to say it... but he's right. Aside from playing music or setting reminders and alarms or other simple tasks... Siri is pretty much useless. For example, I asked for driving directions to Alderney Road once and I was less than a kilometre away from Alderney Drive (oops). Instead of realizing my error based on my context and questioning me, she gave me directions to f**king Alabama... 2000 miles away. And once Siri gets off track it's infuriating....
Hulu is a streaming service. I haven't had cable or a DVR in over 5 years. My DVR is in storage next to my 8-track player :P
I honestly think the new MacBook could be a flop... like the G4 Cube
flounders (to flop around awkwardly) or founders(to sink) both make sense... but I feel like it should be founders. Flounders just sounds weird to my ear.
 Ahh. That would make sense. I can't imagine this is the actual look. I don't think Steve ever had long slicked back hair like that?
I know it's more important to be able to act than to look like the guy... but did Steve EVER had long slicked back hair like that? Seems like the makeup department didn't even try to make him look like Steve. I'm guessing this is his middle period look (so no beard) but still.
I don't get it. It's a button. My phone already has a button.
 Most likely. As long as there's some kind of solution where I can keep running my business with an "ultra notebook" (i.e. a hub or keeping the older design around) I'm happy. And Apple's Thunderbolt monitors are LONG overdue for an update. If there's such a thing as a 4K or 5K USB 3.1 monitor with a hub built in for all my stuff at the office, I'd be a happy camper. Time will tell.
I LOVE my 11" MacBook Air! It's my only machine. I use it for my web design and development business. I don't do print design or video so I don't need the power of a Pro. It's so small and light and easy to carry around. I don't even use a laptop bag. I just carry it in hand as you would an iPad.   At the office it's attached to power, ethernet, dual 27" thunderbolt monitors, 2TB external drive, wired Apple keyboard (I like having a number pad for coding) and a Logitech...
 It will only work with Samsung bread.
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