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Not surprising. The saying about someone who would represent themselves in court of law having a fool for a client certainly applies here. Doing your own advertising is profoundly stupid.
CRAP! You beat me to it. Same exact joke popped into my head when I read the headline. Great minds....
I really hope that's not real. The size of that thing looks absolutely ridiculous.
See that Tim... you "started a conversation". Why did you do that? Should have just ignored her or told he to go pound sand in half a sentence and no more.
 Yah because the most important thing in design is to slavishly follow trends ;)
 Whether people should put their phones in their back pocket or not is irrelevant. The fact is that people WILL put their phones in their back pocket. It's not at all uncommon. So you have to design for that. Which is not to say they have to make the phone indestructible. Of course that would come with far too many trade-offs. But they should at least do whatever they can such that a common method of carrying the phone doesn't cause it to burst into flames. Could just be a...
There better not be anywhere for birds to perch inside. Otherwise I'm picturing a lot of Mac and iThings with bird crap on them.
 Someone said he didn't want people to know he had 1.4 million worth of computer equipment. I was responding to that. Is that okay with you?
The $1,000,000 was for charity, not for a computer. The computer is not worth $1,000,000. You'd never get out of it in resale.
New Posts  All Forums: