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Ah yes, the old "if it saves one life" argument. Politicians just LOVE that one. How can anyone argue against saving a life? Am I right? Other ways to "save one life" are to wear a helmet 24/7... to never leave your house... and to outlaw raised beds... since a certain percentage of people die every year from falling out of bed.
Hmm... every Logitech mouse I've ever owned died after a year. The third time it happened I gave up and switched to Microsoft mice. Much better in my experience (maybe the ONE thing MS does really well... haha). I guess YMMV.
If you were a size 36 waist and all the world's clothing manufactures decided that from now on they will only sell size 32 pants or smaller (or voce versa)... would just say "get over it"?
Time moves on and yet the average size of the human hand has not changed. The 5s may be the last phone I ever buy if the giant phone trend continues. I even found 4" to be just on the boardline of being too big.
 Actually, in a tight / short pocket with the phone straddling your hip crease... between your hip and thigh... sitting down would apply much MORE force than you could ever apply with your hands. Think about how much your upper body weighs. 
Chip and pin has been the norm in Canada for years. Can't remember the last time I swiped a card.
https://www.apple.com/ca/ios/ios8/family-sharing/ https://developer.apple.com/icloud/documentation/family-sharing/
 The person who creates the family group is the group "admin" and can approve or deny credit card purchases. Anyone under 13 years old is automatically a "child" user and cannot make credit card purchases (they have to submit a request). And the admin can manually assign a member as a "child" user as well so you can control who can purchase without approval or not. Group members can also use their own gift cards in which case there is no purchase approval required. Group...
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