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I don't get it. It's a button. My phone already has a button.
 Most likely. As long as there's some kind of solution where I can keep running my business with an "ultra notebook" (i.e. a hub or keeping the older design around) I'm happy. And Apple's Thunderbolt monitors are LONG overdue for an update. If there's such a thing as a 4K or 5K USB 3.1 monitor with a hub built in for all my stuff at the office, I'd be a happy camper. Time will tell.
I LOVE my 11" MacBook Air! It's my only machine. I use it for my web design and development business. I don't do print design or video so I don't need the power of a Pro. It's so small and light and easy to carry around. I don't even use a laptop bag. I just carry it in hand as you would an iPad.   At the office it's attached to power, ethernet, dual 27" thunderbolt monitors, 2TB external drive, wired Apple keyboard (I like having a number pad for coding) and a Logitech...
 It will only work with Samsung bread.
Maybe it will actually work... not taking 30 seconds to discover the switches every time you launch Belkin garbage iOS all... maybe not dropping the WiFi connection 3 times a week... and taking half an hour to reconfigure them. My WeMo's (all 3 of them) went to the landfill after a year of PAIN... total piece of crap product.
You don't even have to be on the same network. This "peer-to-peer" feature was added as a silent update a few months ago around the time iOS8 was released. From: http://support.apple.com/en-ca/HT4437 
No we're not. We all have our own networks. Peer-to-peer allows you to see and stream to AppleTVs without being logged into a network at all. That's the whole point of this feature. It's an awesome feature for most use cases but there are privacy concerns with people living in close proximity to each other.
I live in an condo and now my AirPlay menu shows 4 AppleTVs... only one of which is actually mine. So now I can accidentally stream porn or The Walking Dead or whatever to the nice little 65 year old lady who lives next door. The only solution is to rename your device so you can differentiate it from everyone else but you cannot hide your neighbour's devices. So you just see this in your AirPlay menu:   - AppleTV - AppleTV - AppleTV - AppleTV   You can rename your...
Ah yes, the old "if it saves one life" argument. Politicians just LOVE that one. How can anyone argue against saving a life? Am I right? Other ways to "save one life" are to wear a helmet 24/7... to never leave your house... and to outlaw raised beds... since a certain percentage of people die every year from falling out of bed.
Hmm... every Logitech mouse I've ever owned died after a year. The third time it happened I gave up and switched to Microsoft mice. Much better in my experience (maybe the ONE thing MS does really well... haha). I guess YMMV.
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