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Is it not user-removable memory anymore or am I missing something here?
Has anybody seen if monthly charges are going to be the same?
Since the iPhone is only for the USA, I totally see your point...they are really missing out by not making this phone INTERNATIONAL
I didn't even consider this. Once again, probably a fake, but why not get our jollies going again at the 2 hour mark? (Look at the 3rd line) Source: hhttp://www.product-reviews.net/2008/06/09/will-steve-jobs-reveal-this-3g-iphone-with-wimax-today/
If I try to detect displays, nothing happens. It detects the screen and thinks the screen is already on, so nothing happens. One thing I discovered last night is that I can put the screen to sleep, but it will wake up a few seconds later detecting my FW drive and my USB mouse/keyboard. If I unplug things from the hub and put the screen to sleep, it comes back on in the morning.
I have a 23" aluminum ACD hooked up to a MB that has been acting up lately. The only way that I can get the screen to work after even sleeping is to unplug the monitor for a bit, wait for the screen to be detected, and finally plug in the FW and USB. If the screen isn't working, the FW and USB still work and the computer detects it because the MB becomes the second desktop. Any ideas on this?
Oh get a new name, Bav...
So you going to man up Bav?Welcome to the forum chewbee. Just a little banter between the boys. Anyways, you know those times when you are in a conversation and somebody walks up acting like they know what is going on? Yeah, that's you.
I'll say that this is my favorite part about today's keynote. Where you at Bav? I know you've been on since the keynote.
Well well well Bav, will it be AssWipe or AlwaysWrong? Your choice...
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