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I had an Asus Atom based tablet for about a week before I returned it. It was horrible. Just horrible. And I generally like Android tablets.
Another major factor in the problems with maps, and possibly to some extent to 8.0.1 is Apple's need for secrecy. The only sane way to roll out a mapping app is as a beta, only making it the default maps app after at least a year or two of testing. We're talking about the entire developed world here folks. OMG. That was a management failure of epic proportions. Casting any aspersions towards the testing department is clueless.
You know who's responsible for the maps debacle? Steve Jobs, and his anger at Google. It was a dumb idea to think that Apple could match Google's quality of product in this area. Apple's maps are still, and always will be, inferior to Google maps. 
Don't be hatin'... On second thought go ahead.
Just what Apple needs, another odd-ball language. Next they should come up with a replacement for English, so that people that want to use Siri can communicate more effectively, in an intuitive, interactive and fun way.
Everyone called me a hater when it first came out, but the price difference simply wasn't great enough between the 5c and the 5s. If the off-contract price of the 5c had been around $350 or $400 Apple would have had a hit on their hands. I was in the market for a new for on Virgin Mobile, and if the 5c had been available in that range I would have seriously considered it. As it was I went with the Galaxy S3.
This is a stupid comparison since on most Android phones, including the Galaxy S series, you can install whatever size SD card you want. Apple should get with the program. Oh, that's right, they don't give you access to the files system because they think we're not smart enough to navigate a folder hierarchy.
Quote: You're "Cuisinart" comment basically boiled down to "If I don't like Apple I should just go away" Well no actually. I make my livelihood writing software for Apple operating systems, as I mentioned in a previous post.  I understand things from Apple's perspective. Why would I want to voice their perspective? I am voicing my own perspective.    Again with the personal attacks.  And other companies don't have these costs? Apple is special. Especially profitable....
 You called me stupid in your last post, and foolish in this post, and you have resorted to swearing and using capital letters. Please be careful or you may get high blood pressure. I have a right to post my comments as much as you do. I work in this industry, and I am not a casual bystander. Do you think the only people who have any reason to post here are those who fawningly praise everything that Apple does?  I am not interested in thinking about how Apple should...
 I wasn't responding to you, but I will address a couple of points here:Yes, no one is holding a gun to my head. That is why I haven't bought an Apple product in several years, and why I don't often recommend their products to my friends anymore. Apple has left me behind, and I don't really much like the company they are becoming. Who needs the hassle? Excuse me, but $75 is a lot for some people. Maybe you've heard of this thing called "the great recession?" Apple is...
New Posts  All Forums: