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The Mac Pro is still not a good value, because most users, even professional users, don't need two GPUs, so why pay for hardware you don't want or need? Apple also forces you to use SSD, which may be unnecessary for many users. I'd like to see you repeat this exercise starting with the LEAST expensive Mac Pro configuration.
 Yeah, I guess they're going to have the "People who work in noisy kitchens on messy multi-page recipes, and have enough patience to learn how to use the hands-free gestures" market pretty much all to themselves. Somehow I think Apple will survive.
Wow, so incredibly non-compelling. Most people don't buy stuff based on feature comparisons, they buy on emotion. Apple's ads tell you, their products are cool, easy to use, fun, and creative. These ads tout features that are of limited appeal.
 I understand what you're saying, and it makes sense in concept, but I disagree. My wife has an iPad 2 and I have a Nook HD+. The HD+ (awesome tablet for a $150 btw) is about as thin and light as the iPad Air and the difference that makes in contrast to the iPad 2 is jaw dropping. When a tablet is thin and light enough to hold by the edge in one hand with no feeling of stress it really changes how you relate to it. It's hard to describe... and Phil Schiller alluded to this...
Steve Ballmer made a joke about how he brought his kids up right, to know enough not to use any Apple products. This idea probably pervades the entire company, and as a result, here we have a "tablet" designed by people who don't use iPads and probably have no idea about how most people use them. They've re-invented the ultra-book and called it innovation. The iPad Air is a thing of beauty. Surface is a monstrosity.
This is the case because Apple's pricing is wrong. Based on industry standard ratios between cost to manufacture and retail price, the 5c is overpriced. And it feels that way doesn't it? Be honest the 5s feels like worth more than a 5c $100. It's a clearly superior product. The 5c should have been priced around $450 off contract and $99 on contract, with the 5s for $650 off contract and $299 on contract.
I thought the whole point of the 5c was to hit a lower price point. If so, they failed. The 5c unlocked sells for the same as the 5 does on Virgin Mobile at this point. If Samsung can make a profit selling Galaxy S IIIs for $300ish, I don't see why Apple can't make an iPhone for around the same price. A $550 phone is not going to significantly open any new markets for them. They are selling the iPhone 4 for around $300. Does the iPhone 4 really cost that much less to...
It's a decent update to the iPhone. I think the fingerprint recognition is going to be a significant feature in time, especially as NFR payments, coupons, tickets and so on become more widely used.   However, the thing about the announcements that I find very strange is the "5c" is really not that much less expensive if you look at the unlocked prices. The cheapest 5c is $549 unlocked. I was hoping they were going to hit more around $300. The cheapest 5s is only $100...
I wish I could become a millionaire by turning iTunes into a dung pile.
  That would be Awesome! Microsoft Bob is like Forstall's skeuomorphic wet dream. He could bring back Bob, Clippy and that super cool animated doggy search companion. Just think how amazing Bob could be with 3D glasses! Like when you open the desk drawer to try to get the dog to find your document, the drawer could actually extend out of the computer monitor!  
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