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Yes, I did. I liked being able to jack my guitar right into the MacBook for quick recordings. While I'm not thrilled with the new audio plug situation, I'm happy that FireWire is back. It sounds like if I had the right adapter I could still plug my guitar in... though I guess the jury is still out.
Yes. I've been very disappointed with Parallels upgrade pricing. Recently I found out I would have to upgrade to Parallels 4 in order to run Kubuntu. Since my virtualization needs are mostly "for fun" I was quite pleased to find VirtualBox. It runs Kubuntu great. Sayonara Parallels. BTW Kubuntu is also free! VirtualBox + Linux: Its like a whole new (free) OS for your Mac.PS: VirtualBox has been updated since the Ars Technica article was written. I didn't run into any...
Oh right, we're supposed to just take whatever Apple gives us and say "oh, thank you, thank you.." What, am I supposed to pretend I don't need copy and paste, even though I wish I had it once or twice a week? Am I supposed to think "Great, I've got street view now in google maps" even though I've never once needed it? If Apple doesn't know that people want something, then why would they add it? I think the only responsible thing to do, if you care about a product, is to...
Yeah, great. Big whoop. Where's copy and paste?
Yeah, like, can a software update add a FW port?
I had a similar experience with a friend of mine (also a musician) this week. I told him about the new MacBooks, and when I got to the part about it lacking Firewire he was absolutely dumbfounded and pissed off. Neither of us will be buying one of these things any time soon. Apple has let me down in a big way this time around. I thought they were supposed to make products for creative individuals... Well, musicians need Firewire, OK? And, we're not millionaires. And, we...
Um, copy and paste???? Please? I'm still running iPhone OS 1.1.4 I see no reason to upgrade until this very basic functionality is added.
Totally agree. I was excited to hear about the new enclosure, but without Firewire, this is a downgrade from my existing MacBook. So, thanks Apple, but no-thanks.
A gross workaround for this particular situation: Use the "phone number detection" feature to dial the number, then immediately hang up (before it connects). Then use the "recent" list to save the number into a contact. How's that for "ease of use!"
Well, if you're willing to shell out $20 you can sync notes to your Mac. See: http://www.ecamm.com/mac/phoneview/ Also nice for backing up SMS message histories. (Still, ridiculous that you have to purchase this as an add-on. Should be built-in functionality.) I agree about searching... It would be definitely handy if there was an "iPhone spotlight" feature... though, not as high up my list as copy/paste. While I'm dreaming: Why the heck can't I sync my iPhone to my Mac...
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