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If they knew the new mapping system was not up to par, they should have labeled the app as "beta" like they did with Siri, and allowed users to keep using the old maps app through an app-store download. It's inexcusable for a smart-phone to have such a faulty mapping facility, especially the iPhone, which should be 'cream of the crop' in all ways.
I'm more enthused about the iPhone 5 than about any model since the original. It's really quite a significant upgrade, and looks like a beautifully designed and manufactured product. Of course, being a cheapskate, I won't be buying one.
Apple is reducing the value of its iOS platform. In many ways, this is the worst aspect of Apple's "go it alone" personality coming to the fore. I trust a platform more when it is a collaborative environment, with multiple parties and vendors contributing to the overall suite of services. Apple really wants to use its services exclusively. iTunes for music and video, iCloud for synchronized storage, iCal for calendaring, Address Book for contacts, Safari and Mail for...
One this is clear: Apple maps will not be as good as Google maps at first. This is a huge new project for them, and apart from just the obvious missing features like walking directions and street view, there's the quality issue. Google has been tweaking this for years, you can't expect Apple to step in and get it right immediately. I also agree with some of the other comments here that mapping is not necessarily a passion for Apple, and things that aren't passions tend...
Thanks for the word "Skeuomorphic." 
This proves to me that Nokia would have been better off fully committing to MeeGo. If they had their own modern OS they could have set their own destiny. Microsoft has really shafted them with this Win8 business. Another possible advantage of MeeGo, since the UI layer is built on Qt, they could have introduced cross platforms tools to allow MeeGo apps to port easily to iOS and Android. That would be a very attractive proposition to developers, and could have gotten their...
I had actually been wishing Apple would take a stab at making a car. It would be a real challenge because there's so much about the design that is caved in stone. Touch screens are terrible for cars. I think they probably would have gone with voice activation.  
    I was just thinking about this... For example you could have a MacBook Air with a detachable screen that would behave exactly like an iPad when the screen was detached, and exactly like a Mac when it was connected.
>to people that started off on an iPhone or iPad, like many of the switcher, they are very natural.    I disagree. On an iPad there's nothing to remember. You use the screen through direct manipulation. Lion's gestures have to be learned and remembered. Is it three or four fingers to move between apps? What does that five finger grab do? It's no better than hot keys, which are also non-obvious and have to be learned.
>If convergence won't please anyone, then why Mountain Lion?   I agree... and I'd say the same for Lion. Controlling your computer through cryptic hand gestures is not intuitive. Why not make a touch sensitive version of the Twister mat that I can put under my desk and whisk windows on and off screen with my feet? Or how about a butt cushion where wiggle gestures move things to the trash? A touch screen is great because it's immediate and obvious. Lion's gestures are...
New Posts  All Forums: