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A5 processor = fuel hungry engine. 1/3 less standby time compared to iPhone 4. iPhone 4 case = twice as likely to shatter when dropped because of glass back.
OK, here's an extension of the car metaphor: "We gave you a more powerful engine, even though the old engine was pretty much good enough, and now you get 1/3 less MPG, even when you're just driving around town. We strapped this new fuel hungry engine into the same body as last year; the one that is twice as likely to explode on impact compared to the body design from two years back."Not in the tech world. In the tech world slow and steady gets your arse handed to you.
Like I said, I'm sure they had their reasons. But, now they have another problem on their hands.If you drop an iPhone 4 you're almost twice as likely to suffer fracturing than dropping an iPhone 3G from the same height. The reason is simple: twice as much glass, twice as much surface area, twice as likely to break. Bad design. They should have ditched it.
There was a build-up of expectations because they took longer this time around. Presumably they had their own good reasons for this, but, as an outside observer, it seemed like they must be working on something really special. There are definitely some great features in iOS 5, but the hardware doesn't seem like a huge step forward. They already deployed the A5, so no big effort there. They didn't develop the camera itself. So, what took so long? Same case, same screen,...
You're right. It's not the same as the old model. It has worse battery life. I'm still using a first generation iPhone. It lasts all weekend on a charge. I'm not sure any of the newer models would do that for me, and this thing is 4 years old. Every time an update has been announced I've been like 'meh.' I was really hoping this would be the update that would have enough goodies to pry my hands off the old trusty, almost rusty, first gen. No such luck. \
Sure would be nice to be able to post a page to my FB profile directly from Safari or YouTube. It would be nice to be able to upload photos directly from the camera app. That's not asking a lot, really.
Here's what I would have liked to have seen: Non-glass back Edge-to-edge screen (either bigger screen,or smaller overall) Non-exposed antenna Better battery life Turn by turn GPS with real time updated traffic NFC with wallet features Facebook integration QR code integration I don't actually care about the camera or the processor speed, so this phone isn't for me. The iCloud stuff is cool, so maybe I'll get an iPhone 4, or wait until the next one, which probably will...
My guess would be the faster processor. CPU cycles aren't free.
Did anyone notice that the standby time has dropped from 300 hours for the iPhone 4, to 200 hours for the iPhone 4s? I guess the 's' stands for suck, as in 'sucks the battery.' For me, not needing to recharge frequently is way more important than being able to have my phone take dictation... and when Apple starts using voice features to sell updates... Anyone talking to their cellphone or their computer looks like a dork, and I'll leave it at that. Remember that 'my...
Yes, but I doubt they can actually type 60 wpm. Impressive for two fingered typing though.Actually, you just proved my point. Better keyboard layouts (like Dvorak) have been around for decades. QWERTY is inferior to almost any other keyboard layout you can imagine (it was designed to slow you down), yet it has persisted through massive technological shifts, and will continue to persist.
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