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I scanned a big polished rock to use on my 3-monitor setup. Easy way to get an image with high enough res.
The PORT command means that you are attempting an "active" connection. Go into prefs or something (I don't use Transmit) and make sure you are using "passive" mode which uses the PASV command.
I have the Logitech Z-560 4.1 system and am quite pleased with it. If you are concerned about bass response, the 560's have a big sub (my printer sits on it) with plenty of power (188 watts of the system's total 400 watt RMS power). I use the speaker system's own "M3D" processing to drive the rear speakers, and that works pretty well, putting sounds with reverb on the rears. Too bad Apple has no 4-channel sound. The control panel unit is great, with a nice blue ring...
[quote]Originally posted by progmac: oh it is definitely macrovision doing that. you need to either get a tv with AV inputs or drop about $30 into an RF modulator (a little external box that does the converting instead of your VCR)
He speaks the truth. God bless Macrovision. [ 08-07-2002: Message edited by: B.I.L ]

the HomePage link two posts up is has .mac written all over the error page! crap.
I don't understand why people want to take OS 9 off of X systems... what happens when you unexpectedly need to run Adobe Streamline, or watch a RealPlayer stream? My System Folder is about 430MB; a small chunk of a FP iMac's 40GB drive. I'll have OS 9 on my system for a long time... it doesn't make sense to me to just chuck all that potential functionality.
They have iMac CD drives at macparts.com for $99. You could probably find them cheaper.
I just went over to to Apple's discussion boards, and there is a pretty long thread (66 posts) about this problem. It seems to be sleep related for them. Some can fix it by putting the machine to sleep and waking it back up, others by simply adjusting the volume. It's under Mac OS X > Audio... you may want to have a look and add your report to the list.
Yeah I thought about mentioning that, but it's a pretty elaborate and potentially risky process... You can buy a GF2MX or GF3 (it may only be certain ones that have hardware nearly identical to Apple's version of the GF), get the Mac firmware, put the card in a PC, and use a utility to flash the firmware with the Mac firmware file. If you are interested in this there are instructions at xlr8yourmac.com...
yeah all the text is in rainbow colors. i'm not a programmer, but i think i read somewhere that you need a newer version of codewarrior or realbasic or whatever and recompile to eliminate the problem (which shows up on 10.1 and later). and that link is broken. and why the hell are you using 10.0.1???
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