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The Drobo 5D has it's own proprietary RAID. you can't do stripes or mirrors.
Did they also drop the digital capabilities of their audio out port? It's not mentioned in tech specs any more.   Steve
So Jobs had an ugly dealer permit on the front window of his car all the time? And he didn't receive his plate and stickers for 6 months every time he leased? Hard to believe both of those cases are true. Steve "How long is the Purchaser's Temporary Operating Copy valid? The permit the dealer provides for display on the passenger side of the front window is valid until the plates and stickers are received by the customer, or for six months from the sale date,...
I guess you haven't read the author or his "Roughlydrafted" site much. Any Apple article spends more time bashing Microsoft than in really discussing the points at hand. Notice how any Linux variant wasn't even considered. His articles just read as veiled excuses to attack Microsoft. We're told how Microsoft SBS is limited and costs a lot more, and then lists of SNow Leopard Server features are rattled off with no discussion or analysis of how they rate versus the...
Yes it has Drive Extender, but does that preclude someone from going in to Disk Manager and setting up something on their own in addition to that?
What OS doesn't support software RAID these days? Steve
WHS doesn't have the same Disk Manager features as regular Windows Home Server? (i.e. software RAID)? Steve
But WIndows SBS, for example, has wizards to do many tasks, that are pretty good (and that don't exist in the regular Windows Server products). Plus Microsoft wrote all the components so you are not dealing with modules from other parties (i.e. Apache). Steve
It's not a myth that business wants roadmaps, period. Steve
[QUOTE=hmurchison;1507572]If we're comparing the Mac mini server (Mms) to a WHS box then it's easy to see why the mini server is more money. Mms supports RAID WHS only allows you to duplicate folders. {/QUOTE] MMS supports RAID? Steve
New Posts  All Forums: