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well, it doesn't matter how many people use the most recent version of mobile OS. android is still used by majority of people. it says 90% in the world. iOS is barely catching 10%.
well, you can avoid the whole legit tax when it comes to international business because you do it out of country. I can't believe that apple pays all tax for US fed. I don't think so.
apple is not real winner. apple held NO.1 less than year. there is nobody who can competes with Exxon-mobile. unfortunately, apple will drop even further more. don't expect apple as investing stock anymore.
since economy has been worst, people got lesson to learn something. they want high quality but cheaper device. google nexus 7 makes people satisfied in that way. if apple will continue to keep their high price, high quality strategy, they will lose in the end. people don't want to spend their hard cash for apple anymore. plus, iOS UI, devices by apple are not impressed anymore. they've been older and older. people don't feel impressive. I think that apple still has some...
apple should add retina display with the same price. it will still work for most people. but how they were stupid enough not to concern future market share because apple just thinks that they will sell tons of it again no matter what. it's wrong. the game has been changed. they don't realize themselves why AAPL has been falling almost for two months. it means that customers slowly realize that they can buy better products with cheap price. apple is not main buying anymore....
it is funny that apple named it as 'fusion drive'. it looks like the first one apple made? come on. the technology is already existed before long. my laptop has the same tech. I don't understand why apple explains it differently? it's not really different. apple didn't invent it. other hard driver makers created it. don't make a bullshit, apple.
retina display without dedicate GPU..... it's totally nonsense. retina resolution requires powerful GPU. but HD 4000 is not enough. when you pay over $1700, you can do whatever you want. but with this macbook pro, you can't.
I think that apple ipad mini event is supposed to be October 10th. but it's already 12th now. what happened? see, greedy apple can't even make sample by itself. they canceled the event. pathetic. stock will go down more deeply. just forget about freaking mini. it won't be successful in 7 inch market.
if apple want to compromise the price point, they don't have a choice. if they will make cell/wifi capable ipad mini, price will be $120 more just like new ipad 4G. but who will buy this little 7 inch tablet with $120 more? besides, ipad mini won't have retina display, faster A6, and so-so hardware spec. it can't take advantage of other competitors. no way. apple will suicide, completely fail. as I said before, ipad mini is a big mistake. they should keep bigger ipad line....
@apple ][ what's wrong with you? somebody doesn't have that. you can't just blame people who you don't know. it's insult. even I have many credit cards, I don't really use that much. I use cash a lot because I get discount price if I pay cash. you have no idea the difference between cash and credit payment. there is extra interesting you need to pay if you use credit card. so cash is all the way. as many as you use credit card, you are possibly vlunerable to expose your...
New Posts  All Forums: