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so ipad mini will be exactly like that. I believe it 100% since most rumors match almost 99% for real product. I will pass it. I preordered ipod touch 5th Gen. so I don't need the damn thing.
now, I believe any rumor because of iphone 4s, 5 which was exactly the same as rumors. so if ipad mini will look like that with some shitty features like iphone 5, I will never buy apple forever. plus, ipad mini price will be steep. look at ipod touch 5G. it starts $299. so if it would be $399 as basic model, it is also non-sense because high end ipod touch model is $399. there is no advantage of buying over a big ipad. epic fails. this company faces with limitation...
well, the result is sure that apple still wins because it is held in american soil. they take advantage of all situations with patriotism. but it won't be easy out of country because law
well, recent CNN polls show hyperthetical situation both Democrats and Mccain. both Democrats lead over 7-8% over MCcain. I am sick of Republicans. if Mccain would be president, this country won't be changed at all. it will be just like what Bush has done. I hate it. people move on.
I guess that you know new itouch comes with 5 apps (aka January update). one of them is stock apps. you can add yours, and watch live streaming as long as you connect with internet.
first time when itunes delivered movie, many people complained about price, quality, etc. now people complain about rented movie, too. get used to it. time is matter. wait for little more time. people never satisfy with the service. never.
I heard from some one who develops mac os x. after 10.9, it will be changed to bear's name.
camera, edge plan, bluetooth will not going to happen. no way. it's not phone.
as you know, storage has been always increased every year. so we will see double soon (32GB). but it doesn't matter if you have not many songs or other content. even you would buy small capacity one, you don't have to worry about it. why? you don't listen to all music, or watch video, right? you have to back them up to external harddrive anyway. what all you have to do is making smart playlist which could limit number of content. so evertime when you synch touch with...
obviously it will be changed anyway next year. mostly what I want is more secured safari on touch, and working properly with flash, and more 3rd apps without hacking.
New Posts  All Forums: