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I have tried to play Zune 80GB. But there are no stores to display. It's only available online. I don't know why. MS has faced with a shortage of inventory already? Or just can't follow such that demand?
first off I am shock not to focus on orginal post. yes, I am a korean who lives in San Francisco now. I am sorry to disturb you with terrible English. but I tell you what. I don't really care the grammer on the internet. if communication would be understood each other, that's all we want, right? plus I have dual master degree in architecture & urban design. so is it enough to cover? let's just get back to original issue, Canadian!
it doesn't matter anymore. why? as you know, ipod has been sold 25 million in quarter already. plus, ipod is the most stronger ever. even zune tries to catch it up, it will take many years or can't. if you like ipod very well, that's all. now who care whether somebody buy zune or ipod. it's choice. I like zune as well. but only the problem is that it's not well integrated with my mac or compatible. second generation zune is better but it still needs some works. it still...
well, I don't mind because I remember something that Apple said before. they will bring out new product whenever they are ready. so I won't surprise even if Apple won't introduce at WWDC. obviously WWDC is totally different event from macworld anyway. but there will be something certain. iphone, leopard, iLife, iWork. I think if they're willing to do that, it will be after WWDC. new imac will just come out website. that's all.
so it's time to expect colorful video ipod soon!
good. I remember some of starbucks have CD ripper for buying songs on CD. you can choose any songs up to 13-14. then the macine copy those songs onto CD. now, you can just download songs from starbucks section in itunes. or go to there for using wifi or use machine which you can download songs. I've seen this kind of machine in Seattle.
well, it turns out wrong information. jsut take a look this article. Cingular will never this service for customers. of course, they could drop the price of iphone. but 18 months for what? I don't believe. http://macdailynews.com/index.php/we...omments/12436/
this is what I am thinking. special event will be held in the middle of FEB just after Superbowl. Leopard will be annoced but shipped in the middle of March. there will be still no video ipod. but Apple will inform Beattle's version of special video ipod will be shipped before WWDC 2007. iLife, iWork 07 will be shipped. built-in isight cinema display will be out (17, 24, 30-inch). Apple TV will be started to ship. Steve Jobs will give us more about iPhone. finally, it...
that's not what you think. if you watch keynote what Steve showed us is just using one thumb, touching & scrolling one time. then a lot of songs scrolling down automatically. it's not scrolling from one to one song. that's why multi-touch technology is smart. when you scroll down one time, then touch again, screen will be stopped scrolling. way more smarter than you think,
also see this article. zune is gone! http://macdailynews.com/index.php/we...omments/11836/ according to news, zune has only 2.1% market share. it's now 5th in rank. Sandisk is 2nd again. game over.
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