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your movies are in the itunes music folder.
wow, it's much much better than zune. 8) of course.
it's true! http://www.looprumors.com/LoopBlackP...ees,3591980061
well, I don't know it is good or not. but as far as I know, latin community is not wealthy generally speaking. in terms of financial power, hispanic is the bottom of class in US. sorry if it is offense. but it's true. hard working is not meant to be good jobs. just try to look at people. how many percentage of population works as professionals in this country. again! I am not racist. just say fact.
sorry, it won't happen. two LCD panels? cost too much.
well, it's nonsense. it's not correct. I have very old dock which was come with 4G 20GB ipod. even new nano completely fit into old dock. don't tell us before you try out.
that's strange. even you have more memory than I have. mine has 1GB. but everything is so smooth. no lagging, faster. transition from expose to dashboard with a lot of folder, file opening is no problem at all. I don't know the reason yours has. but you need to bring it to apple store.
well, you need more memory.
well, if you feel scrolling is lagging, or slow. here is a tip to make it faster. it isn't nothing to with video memory sharing. have heard about 2D extreme quartz? it usually uses for 2D environment which moves more faster, quick. open terminal application which is in utilities. adding this. sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/com.apple.windowserver \\Quartz2DExtremeEnabled -boolean YES then it will ask you for password. put it on. restart. see real...
well, it's nothing to do with reducing brightness. it's about CPU consumption which depends on what kind of software are running now. in my experience, itunes is. it's normally used small part. but if it downloads podcast, temperature suddenly goes up to 10C. then suddenly get back to normal. firefox is occupied a lot of CPU load, too. it causes rasing temperature. for your case, it's up to something you don't know the reason.
New Posts  All Forums: