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Correct. Those are two very different things.
Who says Gore has any say in how the SS does their job? Do you really think he can, as a former vice-president, really dictate what kind of car these government employees drive?
I think that's the point. Because it doesn't charge the battery, it shouldn't cause any overheating (exploding!) batteries. Of course, is the airline really going to go around and check who is using which power supply?
Yeah, because those terrorists are such idiots that they would have *never* suspected that we would track their financial transaction. Damn, we sure blew that!
Yeah, the timeout seems to be about 10 minutes or so.
You see, you can't argue with this. They always, always, always, 100% of the time have an answer for everything. "It's because he's God!""How Conveeenient."
OK, but what's with all the "(PRODUCT)"? Is that part of the name? Sorry, but I haven't had my coffee yet.
Ken Herman of Cox News: "What does Iraq have to do with..." Bush: "What does Iraq have to do with what?" Ken Herman: "...the attacks on the World Trade Center." Bush: "Nothing".\
Sorry, I don't know of a generic "service manual", but the Mac Pro Memory Riser Card DIY Replacement Instructions manual gives instructions on page 3 for accessing the memory cage.
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