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AppleMasters was a sort of ‘knighthood’ granted by Apple to select individuals who were Mac users. Famous people like Bryan Adams, Gregory Hines, Harrison Ford, Jason Leigh and many others was among the ‘knighted’. The Crazy Ones.   I am a big fan of the AppleMasters, and remember when these guys were around. Awesome.   I found this on Google: http://www.myapplespace.com/groups/profile/3635/the-applemasters
then we shall see which of us get's our hopes fulfilled. It might be you.
Ive is amazing. I can't WAIT for WWDC to see if X or iOS GUI has been Ive'-dified.
Me too, and I'm wondering why they don't mention the obvious elephant in the room, in this article?
Well I was hoping to use the HTML and CSS3 features on a website. It does develop web-apps. But perhaps there is no way to extract the code and use it on a website.
Has anyone been able to download iAd Producer yet? I can't believe Apple announces this without showing a download link??? OR at least explain what is needed to be allowed to download it. It says log in to download - but then all traces of the app disappears ?!?
I thought I was going crazy - you log in and then the next page has no links for the iAd Producer. Then you make a search and the only result takes you back where you started ...so you log in (and then the whole thing repeats itself). What am I missing?
Yeah I thought you could not answer that one. You just trying to hijack the thread and go off topic. Or perhaps AppleInsider is just your "daddy" so you can't stand to see a link to other websites about Apple. If you don't have anything intelligent to share ON TOPIC the best way to avoid being "spammed" is to stay away from the thread, which I suggest you continue to do.
Well it's against the rules to quote the entire article. That's stealing. How do you link to other news sources? Do you pass this judgement everytime you see a link to another news source? Or is it only the underground blogosphere that you think is advertisement?
For Apple? Or are we not allowed to point to other news elsewhere than on AppleInsider.com? Or did you just not have any opinion on the subject matter and felt bored?
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