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Well it's against the rules to quote the entire article. That's stealing. How do you link to other news sources? Do you pass this judgement everytime you see a link to another news source? Or is it only the underground blogosphere that you think is advertisement?
For Apple? Or are we not allowed to point to other news elsewhere than on AppleInsider.com? Or did you just not have any opinion on the subject matter and felt bored?
The whole article here They said the revolution would not be televised ...and they were right! The Recipe With the release of the Apple TV Apple has once again followed a recipe it already unleashed on the music, publishing, software apps and gaming industry as well as the movie industry. The recipe is quite simple: first you publish what the gate keepers have in their vault. Next you open the back door for the independent content which are rejected by the major...
I think iTunes could get social networking features. I have even written an email to Apple suggesting this a few years ago. In the meantime Apple users are gathering in Apple social networking sites like www.cupidtino.com www.MyAppleSpace.com and others.
I actually sent Apple an email suggesting they add social networking to iTunes accounts centered around the content, much like YouTube is centered around video. In the meantime we got sites like www.MacZoom.com, www.Cupidtino.com, www.MyAppleSpace.com and others.
How about trying to use the queue feature on YouTube? Or trying to navigate the Google webmaster tools
It's so desperate it begs compassion ... It's so obvious it doesn't really need revealing ... And it won't stop the consumer uprising this time around ... PC users have always chosen to follow the mainstream and felt threatened by anyone who dared to think different. And even back when it was still a question if you should buy a Windows PC or a Mac they used the reversed label psychology as a means to get people in line and start marching to the loudest drum:...
Some get a satisfaction from taking incredible things in our world and reducing them to something simple they can better deal with. There is no room for amazement in this world view. There is in mine and I recognize it when I see it.
With all due respect to your opinion I think it's hard to argue in any way shape or form that Apple is "only" ... anything. It kind of makes all the other companies out there look incredibly stupid since they can't seem to do what Apple is [only] doing. Apple has invented so many things in it's lifetime, and reinvented a lot as well. So they are doing "just" a big thing
and since Apple is VERY good at doing just that, it makes everyone go "I could have done that douh". I agree.
New Posts  All Forums: