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I want "Light Peak" instead of USB and Firewire
Exactly - the world is full of people who "could have thought of the air plane ...".
Imagine iOS on Apple TV - like the article mentions. Now you got your games and favorite apps on your TV. Now imagine "Microvision inside" There's an interesting article on MyAppleSpace on it. Also discussed in this thread on AppleInsider
It's Apple who does not want subscription and they have not been shy about it. Apple wants to expand the App Store north east west and south. Taking it to the Television is an opportunity they can't miss and won't miss. The multitouch track pad makes this a reality and is the obvious component in this move to take over the living rooms of the world. The developers will go wild and the iOS customers can now take their favorite Apps to their television. It's the one thing...
Well then you also see the need to improve the product, which was the subject of the article.
Doesn't Apple already sell a box for the TV?
Wow, interesting read!! How Apple might be planning to invade every living room on the planet http://www.myapplespace.com/profiles...be-planning-to A few pieces fell into a "scary" puzzle a few minutes ago. I saw a vision that Apple might have already seen and merges together a few rumors. I think you're gonna like this particular "prophecy". My x-ray vision has penetrated the secret Apple labs in Cupertino so kick back and enjoy the ride ...you're about to start...
Does Battlefield 2 use the Steam engine? Does this in any way effect those wanting to play Battlefield on Macs without Bootcamp ?
I can only repeat what I said when the iPhone was introduced:"Dear Nokia, it would be wise to start a transission immediately from selling phones to selling used cars. Game over."
It seems to me these anti - iPhone commercials showing up are getting more and more desperate ...
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