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Let me clearify. When I go to www.mac.com and choose bookmarks, my favorite bookmarks on the toolbar does not show up on the list. How does one reset the bookmarks? Zebeaune
Well, you can see your bookmarks at www.mac.com (log in) to your left you have various choices, email, bookmarks, homepage etc. but why I can't get at my favorite toolbar links is a mysterie to me.... I'm surprised nobody writes about this??? Brian Zebeaune
That's a good question. Anybody know this? I would also like to know why iSync doesn't sync the bookmarks folder on your toolbar????? (This is where we keep our favorite bookmarks????)
Steve hates TV because of it's content, yes. If steve wants to kill TV he has to create something that makes people not want to watch TV. iMovie, iDVD is already there, but he would have to go furter. iMovie & iDVD is the content, broadcasting is next. .Mac homepage can be expanded in the future of broadband in a way that would make it possible to maybe bypass the webpage. How about broadcasting right from your homecomputer. Now we all to think about that projector...
I've posted earlier on the idear that Apple could be going into the projector direction, but that was pure speculation on my part. Why shouldn't they? It's a very cool future! Putting your movies up on the wall is the closest we'll ever get to a home theater, and isn't the big screen and the awsome sound the 2 main reasons people still floks to the movies now that we have DVD? Ofcause. I'm not surprised over this rumor, excited however. I've got at gut feeling this is...
is anyone thinking....built-in projectors?
For those who didn't listen to the conference call: Steve Jobs proclaimed that they would release totally new iApps next year. Stuff nobody had even thought of yet. He called it "Pretty strong stuff" maybe we will see hardware to go along with that. Resent releases could point in that direction since almost EVERYTHING has been updated... we'll see soon enough. 8)
New Posts  All Forums: