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stupid, stupid, stupid. He must be trying to get attention to his website or something ?
Never owned a Windoze PC, never will (singing along) That's why I joined the uprising !
Of cause they will. Aaahhh yi of little faith
I think we will see a massive surge over the coming years, even more than up till now. iPhones and iPods will lead this but I think even Apple TV will grow into something even more "must have" with further developments. We are even seing Apple customized social networks rise up, with Apple users joining from all over the world. Apple used to have like 15% or more right? I think they will grow to 25% percent over the next 5 years. Noone thinks that could happen, but noone...
I have to admit I am looking to install XP via BootCamp so I can play Battle Field - sshhhhh
exactly what I was thinking, there's a lot of switchers in that category ! Switchers of the world unite and take over
There are Apple centric social networks out there these days!
then they would have never "tried" it in the first place I don't think.
I'm kinda glad they are dropping the "feature" of Safari crashing..... in Leopard Snow
I joined the uprising !
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