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exactly !
Look everyone - the point here is this: Ofcause the product transition IS comming. Apple only needs to announce one more event this month to announce this product transition and they will have kept their promise. So the rumor sites is who I'm adressing when I'm asking if they have completely forgotten what we all know Apple said themselves. The transition is comming this month - whatever it is. the F.O. would not say this so close to the announcement if they were not...
But ofcause they did, it was all over the news too. I was listening live and I heard it. I also listened to it on podcast afterwards just to hear the exciting news one more time. Are you seriously trying to claim the F.O. did not say, what he was reported in the news to have said and what I heard he said? Just try google
has EVERYONE completely FORGOTTEN Apple's OWN words: "....by the end of September Apple will have gone THROUGH a significante product transition" ????? Are rumor sites now "guessing" AGAINST Apple's own (and very rare) announcement?????
The Mac Priest ha ha )) This is funny stuff people !!!!
Yeah WHY indeed. I mean, what went wrong when they were using that mouse in the lab? Did NOONE notice how it was impossible to "feel" which way it was pointing? It's times like that you really wonder...Anyways, the commercial iMac - Very Un-PC is one of my favorite of all times. I also like iMac - 3 Steps to the internet ....there's no step 3 !?!I miss the good old days of Jeff Goldblum appearing in Apple's ads.... sigh
So what do you think? The funniest Apple ad ever ? ...or is it just me? iMac - Very un-PC
I can activate or deactivate the num lock on my Mac keyboard without F6, I just hit the num lock directly. Perhaps the Bootcamp driver CD is better now than back then I don't know ?
Thanks for your best shot. I already thought of that and tried it, but I don't even think that I could type 5 either? or perhaps it just wouldn't accept the activation code. It is S and not 5.This is very strange. And even more so when I happen to know that the very same code worked for a friend of mine !!!! ????? on his Mac Book Pro.damn... I already miss playing battlefield
I'm booted in Windows, trying to activate Windows with my activation code. It's 5 x 5 letters & numbers. The second last letter is an S When I type S nothing is written in the windows activation code box. As a matter of fact, there are several letters and numbers it wont type ????? Ghost in the machine???????? HELP !!! I CAN'T PLAY BATTLEFIELD NOW !!!!
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