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two things: Are you saying people would use Flash because it is more widespread or because CoreAnimation is proprietary and Flash is not??? The coreanimation demos showed things being animated in 3D as we all saw, so obviously it can do 3D, but is there a difference between this and what we see in games? (I'm not sure myself)
Interesting thread. I've been wondering too if CoreAnimation could actually be used for game development??? Imagine games being developed with a lot less effort, quick code ie fast software and high framerates? I'm affraid I do not know enough on the subject to anything else than speculate. Do any of you perhaps?
I gotta tell ya.... the new mail application does it for me. That thing will change my day. Not having to mark my mail as "unread" all the time so I can remember what they remind me to doo will be awsome. The new mail templets are killer too ! The new Mail application is enough for me to buy Leopard... but I didn't say I wasn't curious to see what the top secret features are ......
THE REPORT IS DELIBERATE DISINFORMATION!!! spread the word !http://www.blackfriarsinc.com/blog/2...ollapsing.html
Thanks Dave - makes sense.Looks like I'll have a LOT of fun with my new Mac Pro when it arrives, running my music software Great !
ok, so the "threader" distributes the "threads" onto different cores. Does this mean that all 4 cores are used to the max at all times? (which ofcause is what I'm really looking to find out)Thanks
Hello Wondering: • Since OS X will put itself on one processor and a running program on another (when used on a dual processor machine), how about the 4 cores in Mac Pro? If I run 3 programs like e.g. Reason, Digital Performer and FM7 softsynth, will they all take one core individually? • If Digital Performer supported multiprocessing (still trying to research if it does) will it use 2 cores (multi) or will it use the 3 cores awailable besides the one core where OS X...
!!!!!! Nice work Scherlock !!!! good thinking ! you know.... it just migt ?
Let's all remember that Apple has in the past added features in their new OS that required a new Mac. Quartz Extreme required a certain grafics card before it could be used etc. So there would be nothing new in Apple adding FrontRow to Leopard and then launching new displays with built-in IR and iSight. Nothing new. I'm positive this will be the way for them to go. About tilting the iSight from within a display, this CAN be done if they feel this is important.
I think Apple will built in the cameras to make their displays as unique as possible and therefore also the IR. Just my opinion.The iSight could also continue for all those customers who want's to get in the iChat and Frontrow game on the side.
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