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Let's all remember that Apple has in the past added features in their new OS that required a new Mac. Quartz Extreme required a certain grafics card before it could be used etc. So there would be nothing new in Apple adding FrontRow to Leopard and then launching new displays with built-in IR and iSight. Nothing new. I'm positive this will be the way for them to go. About tilting the iSight from within a display, this CAN be done if they feel this is important.
I think Apple will built in the cameras to make their displays as unique as possible and therefore also the IR. Just my opinion.The iSight could also continue for all those customers who want's to get in the iChat and Frontrow game on the side.
Oh perhaps I misunderstood your point? I think the new displays will have an IR sensor. How would the built in iSight work as an IR sensor? Don't get it.
So we have to read every other thread on the site to make sure the subject has not been touched upon by others? How is "iSight 2.0" a subject where "IR Frontrow will be in the next displays" fits into?
Hello all I just ordered a new Mac Pro (had to get that in there ofcause ) but it was with much sadness that I was ordering a new Mac WITHOUT a way to do frontrow... or so I THOUGHT !!! Ladies and gentlemen... I think I've solved the mystery. I mean, how could Apples lates and greatest be WITHOUT such a cool feature....RIGHT???? Surely Apple didn't sit down and think "well our Pro customers would not like Frontrow..... WRONG!!!! It's quite obvious what the answer...
I just ordered a new Mac Pro today, and reading your post I finally realized what's going on with the no remote or IR in this machine. I was very sad to order a new Mac with NO remote but now it's all clear to me... and very very obviously the only solution that makes sense: The comming displays from Apple will offer glossy and not glossy, built in isight, and ofcause built in IR and remote for front row. After all, where will you be using front row? perhaps on that extra...
that's REALLY good news ! Now I just have to get my stomac back to "ice mode" and stop trembling with my VISA... How far to the next iMac upgrade do ya' think? I forget when it was updated last. What would the next processor in line for the iMac do you think?Anyone?
Speaking of Mac Pro and music. I'm on my way down to the local Apple shop tomorrow to order the Mac Pro, but little was said about noise. The Intel won't make much, but what about those grafics cards? Does anyone know if I'll have to put this monster in another room.... another floor perhaps? anyone?
Has the skeptics have been brought to realize "something fishy" is going on since the latest attack on the 11'th of July ? Or are there still someone out there having doubts about crazy numerology being used by crazy terrorists to carry out crazy terrorists attack. Why would it be strange to have a connection between something as crazy as terror and something as crazy as numerology ? Think about it, it makes perfect sense. If you are beginning to see the connection,...
Hello MarcUK It's not hard to follow your line of thought, in this hypothesis. However, Jordan Maxwell points out letters from George Washington in 1783, where he talks about "a secret conspiracy operating from New York". WOW ... right? [source: Jordan Maxwell - Basic Slide Presentation] Where this leaves us is anybodys guess.he he, while your looking up Mr. Maxwell you might be amazed watching him point out what I'ed call rather interesting things about the...
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