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You mean like how Apple gave away free laptops to celebrities when they opened the Midtown store?
Also, there are a lot of astroturfers out there. Great entertainment.
Autodesk actually does quite a great deal more than that. But, you know what their IT department has been pushing on non-programmers? Macs, with VMWare Fusion. W I myself am an architect, and at one firm we used Mac Pros. Autodesk's software is frustrating enough without XP, and it was so much better to handle every other office function in OS X. Some firms use ArchiCAD, which is native and only slightly inferior to Revit. So, yeah, nice shame trip.
Safari's been dropping my "saved" passwords ever since I got Parallels 4. Does anyone else have this problem, and more importantly did installing this beta fix the problem?
If you tell me where you live, I will shave my head, don a black turtleneck, show up at your doorstep, and tell you in person that I want you to leave OS X.
I bring it and take it out of the bag and into a tray, alone, immediately. This usually prevents ineptitude-based catastrophes.
Ever since early January, when I got both Parallels and 10.5.6, some of my web-based passwords have not been saving. This is the case even when I ask to remember them, they are saved in my keychain, and I have cookies for those webpages. I never had this problem before then, but I can't pin down a good reason why it is happening. I am literally required to re-enter passwords after a matter of minutes for some websites, and usually the username does not show up either....
This is first-generation, remember. I suspect it will come into a solid niche in time.
Copper filled with fluid? Sounds heavy, unless they get rid of the heat sinks all together.
With the exception of the ridiculous file structure and some other inexplicable exporting issues, I can't complain that much about iPhoto. I'm not going to argue pros and cons, but I am tired of hearing about speed. I never had speed problems after getting iPhoto 08. Even on my G4 PB, it started quickly and readily loaded pictures, events, and projects. I make calendars from the iPhoto, and it's easy as hell, works great, and my grandparents love them. I've tried other...
New Posts  All Forums: