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Correct. I wanted to say Dakota, but it didn't feel right. Thanks.
That depends... Are you talking about AppleInsider or real life?
I didn't have the infamous clicking problem, but my trackpad does not do two-finger scrolling. It definitely recognizes all of the other multi-touch gestures, including two-finger secondary click... but not scrolling. I'm going to take it to a local Apple Store tomorrow, but is anyone else here having this problem? Anyone know why this is happening? Is there something wrong with my fingers...?
Nice. It looks like it's at the IBM building in New York... unless anyone thinks differently. Maybe that was when he was getting his apartment designed by Pei.
Doesn't look to amazing, but haptic feedback would be great on an iPhone. That would make the glassboard much more intuitive. Definitely stole the look from Apple. It must be very fun to be a style broker like Jobs and Ive are.
Clearly. I was actually really disappointed.
Actually, I am experiencing one problem with the trackpad, that it does not accept two-finger scrolling. All of the other Multi-touch features work perfectly, even two-finger secondary clicking. Otherwise, I like the trackpad and the glossy has only given me problems in a tunnel on a train.
I've had mine for a few days, and I have nothing but good things to say about it. The trackpad takes a little more force than it used to but it is much more intuitive, I find. I hope Apple fixes this problem, though. It looks terrible to have a unique feature malfunctioning.
The store is down. Tis might be a clever ploy.
The lesson of this mess (I made it all Christian-y for GoldenLight): God grant me the serenity to ignore the assholes I cannot change; courage to change the people who thoughtfully disagree; and wisdom to know the difference.
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